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Current Epiphone serial numbers give the following ... appear as the 5th and sixth digits in the serial number.

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The Epiphone serial number decoder currently supports 12 serial number formats from 25 factories. Vintage numbers from 1932 to 1970 are supported. Serial ...

i.d. your Epiphone here -- serial # key, guitardater link + ...


Guitardater doesn't recognize the serial# system Epiphone is using since mid ... For Epiphone serial numbers that begin with a letter(s), this list ...

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New Serial Numbers, without letters. They no longer put letters on the serial number. This is how you "read" the information of your Epiphone Serial Number.

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looking at the epiphone forum the serial numbers seem to run similar to gibsons, if they begin with a letter then this denotes the factory/country ...

Gibson And Epiphone Guitars Serial Number Guide - The Music Zoo


May 4, 2011 ... gibson serial numbers. Wondering how old your Gibson or Epiphone guitar is? Maybe you have a Gibson banjo, dobro, or a Goldtone amplifier ...

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How to Decipher Epiphone Serial Numbers. Epiphone is one of the widely known guitar manufacturers. Originally an independent brand, Epiphone was bought ...

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Epiphone serial numbers are usually on the back of the guitars headstock; either stamped or inked. Instruments with f-holes often have the serial number ...

Epiphone Les Paul Limited Edition Serial # U02100726 Blue.what Is ...


The Guitar serial dater isn't that accurate and there are many 'Fake' Epiphone's and Gibson's out there that have serial numbers that fit the description but in fact  ...

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Official Epiphone site: Buy electric or acoustic guitars, Les Paul electric guitars, or bass guitars. Artist and Music News and Features.

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Jan 30, 2016 ... For Epiphone serial numbers that begin with a letter(s), this list identifies ... ( Japan) = Elite/Elitist models (See: Epiphone Japan Serial Numbers) ...

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However, these import instruments have model numbers that do not correspond with Kalamazoo made Epiphone model numbers listed below. Also the serial ...

Gibson/Epiphone Guitars Serial Information - Gibson Les Paul


In the 1970s, Gibson standardized the serial number system that is still in use today. The typically eight-digit serial numbers on Gibson guitars are stamped on  ...