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Speakers, Eminence Lady Luck speaker 70 watts RMS (half stack). Other Features, volume knob, on-off switch. The Epiphone Valve Junior is a small 5 watt class A electric guitar amplifier.


This Epiphone half-stack includes the Valve Junior Head and Valve Junior Extension Cab.Part of Epiphone's Valve series of tube guitar amps, the Valve Junior ...

May 6, 2008 ... Heres the demo for this great amp. cost 340 bucks in guitar center witha 2 year full warranty. Its is completely stock with the tubes it came in.
Oct 1, 2011 ... A great little Amp! 5 watts. This is the Head/Cab version (obviously!). Very affordable and fun low wattage Tube Amplifier. http://www.jrguitars.ca


Jan 19, 2013 ... Pairs the Valve Junior Head with a matching cab for distinct vintage style and undeniably powerful tube tone. This Epiphone half-stack includes ...


Find great deals on eBay for Epiphone Valve Junior in Electric Guitar Amplifiers. ... Epiphone valve jr amp matching speaker and head half stack all tube.


Epiphone Valve Jr Stack 12AX7/EL84 Tubes Birch Plywood Cab 1x12 Eminence ... Used Epiphone Valve Junior Bitmo Brat Modded Tube Head and Matching ...


Epiphone Valve Junior Combo - the super cool Epi 5 watt tube amp ... This Epiphone half-stack includes the Valve Junior Head and Valve Junior Extension Cab.


Stock, the Valve Junior is literally the worst sounding amp I'd ever heard. Mine sat for three years, until I figured I'd try a last-ditch attempt to ...


Continued from "Epi Amps" thread So as some of you know I really wanted a second speaker cab for my Epi Valve Junior Head (my cab was ...