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How many MP3's or photos can I put on my flash drive?


Flash drive The number of songs or photos you can fit on a flash drive depends on several factors: ... For example 5GB can hold much more than 1GB. Tip: This ...

Number of songs that can be stored on a memory card or Sansa player


Sep 14, 2008 ... How many songs can my Sansa player hold on both internal and ... 1GB. 2GB. 4GB. 8GB. 16GB. 32GB. Number of songs. 125. 250. 500. 1000.

How Many Songs Does Each iPod Hold - EveryMac


The maximum number of songs that every iPod is capable of storing varies upon the length of songs, file type, format, and encoding used. Using the iPod to hold ...

How Much Music in MP3 Format Can Be Put on a One Gigabyte ...


When a song is encoded in MP3 format, the size of the file depends on two factors - bit ... For the purpose of estimating how many songs can fit on a 1GB player, we will assume ... What Effect Does the MP3 Player Have on the Music Industry?

How Big is a Gig? - iClick


*Songs based on an average file size of 4MB per 1 song ... A 1GB drive can hold an estimated 595 photos (with a 5 megapixel camera at standard resolution ...

iPhone Storage: How Many Gigabytes Do You Really Need?


Jan 4, 2013 ... That's not a scientific measurement by any stretch, as many songs can ... is taking up 339MB on my iPhone; other apps, which hold onto photos, ...

How many pictures does a 1 GB memory card hold? | Reference.com


How many photos can a 1-gigabyte memory card hold? ... Differences in Digital Camera Memory Cards · 1gb Equals How Many Songs · Byte Conversion Chart ...

how many songs can 2GB of memory hold on an mp3 player? | Yahoo ...


i no that 1GB holds like 240 songs i think but im not sure how much 2GB holds, im curious, cuz im thinkin ... How much memory does a 2GB mp3 player hold?

How many songs can an MP3 player hold? » Anything But iPod


Dec 23, 2009 ... This might not seem like much, but it does mean that a 16GB player will show ... as simple as how many songs an MP3 player can hold, but there's a .... Awesome article, very informative to be fast i just think 1GB = 250 songs.

How many photos can a 1-gigabyte memory card hold? | Reference ...


How many pictures does a 4GB memory card hold? Full Answer. Most pictures are ... You May Also Like. Q: How many songs does a 16-gigabyte iPod hold? Q:  ...

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How many songs/photos fit on a 1GB SDcard? - Ask Dave Taylor


Feb 18, 2008 ... Heck, Apple doesn't even bother telling you how many songs “should” fit on ... A 1GB SDcard or flash memory device can hold twice that, and, ...

how much does 1gb actually hold - iLounge Forums


Topic: how much does 1gb actually hold. Thread Tools ... The 1 gb can hold 240 songs at 128 kbps AAC at 4 minutes per song. -Andrew.

Custom Flash Drives: A Gig is How big? | Premium USB Blog


Sep 24, 2010 ... How big is a Gigabyte worth of data really? How many songs, movies, or data files can 1GB custom flash drive hold? Well despite the USB flash ...