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how many songs can a I pod 8gb hold - Apple


Feb 19, 2015 ... On my 4th generation I can hold 1650 songs. ... how many songs can a I pod 8gb hold ... Answer now (how many 3minute songs per Gb) ... I have an 8 GB Ipod Nano, will new earpods fit this model, I don't know which ...

How many songs can an 8GB iPod Touch hold? | Reference.com


According to Every Mac, the number of songs an 8GB iPod Touch can hold depends on the type of music file, the quality of the encoding, what other files are  ...

How many songs does an 8GB iPod hold? - Fun Trivia


Sep 21, 2007 ... It claims that it can hold up to 2000, however this would be based on each song being the mean 4mb each. With compression rates what they ...

How many songs does an 8GB iPod Touch hold? - Quora


May 18, 2016 ... An 8GB iPos touch has 6.4GB available given that there is nothing installed in it or anything you have installed to use its memory. So if you only ...

How Many Songs Can a 4GB iPod Hold? - Bright Hub


Mar 24, 2011 ... You can choose from iPods that hold 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and even 160 gigabytes of music. If you are asking yourself how many songs can an ...

How many songs can a 2GB iPod shuffle hold? - Quora


So, a 2 GB can hold around 250 -350 songs assuming that it uses around 1.9 G... ... How many songs does an 8GB iPod Touch hold? Which will be the best to ...

How many songs can a 32GB ipod touch hold? - Quora


Depends on how much space you use for apps, and what quality the music is at. The quality of the music is listed my bitrate, such as 256kbps, and 128kbps. Th...

What's the true formatted storage capacity of an iPhone, iPad or iPod ...


Feb 9, 2016 ... What is the true formatted storage capacity of an iPhone, iPad or iPod - how many songs, films, apps and games can they hold? And why is the ...

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Mar 8, 2009 ... The number of songs that an iPod Nano can hold will depend on the size of the iPod. One gigabyte iPod Nanos will hold about 250 songs, ...

Song Capacity Calculator for MP3 Players - Richard Farrar


Apr 19, 2008 ... A simple JavaScript song and album capacity calculator for MP3 Players. ... 21: // Estimate how many songs and albums can be stored 22: intAlbums .... 21: < option value="8589934592">8 GB</option> 22: <option ..... Therefore, my iPod can only hold about 700 songs plus half a gb of podcasts. Since...

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How Many Songs Does Each iPod Hold - EveryMac


How many songs does each iPod, iPod mini, iPod nano, iPod touch, and iPod ... However, the capacity of every iPod in gigabytes, along with the Apple estimated number of songs that each can hold, is provided below: ... 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB.

how many songs does a 8GB Ipod touch hold? | Yahoo Answers


Jan 28, 2009 ... I am getting an ipod touch and i want to know how many songs the 8GB holds?

How Many Songs is 8GB? - The Tech-FAQ


Mar 11, 2016 ... A typical device can play MP3 files, but others can play a variety of file ... An 8GB device can hold roughly 1500 to 2000 songs based on the ...