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The company originated in 1911 as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording .... IBM and the World Bank first introduced financial swaps to the public in 1981 ... In 1993, IBM posted a US$8 billion loss - ...

IBM Highlights, 1996-1999


IBM's acquisition of Tivoli extends the company's strength in host-based ... time, IBM also launches the System/390 Multiprise 2000 line, designed ... IBM becomes the first major company to introduce a network computer – the .... IBM completes in June one of the most important product transitions in the company's history.

International Business Machines - New World Encyclopedia


The IBM PC desktop personal computer was introduced in the mid 1980s. ... IBM holds more patents than any other U.S. based technology company. ... History. 1880s–1924: The origin of IBM. Tabulating Machine Corporation plant in 1893. .... In an attempt to speed time to market for the PC, IBM chose not to build the ...

A History of Silicon Valley - Piero Scaruffi


At the same time that the demand for remote downloads increased, network ... Motorola was the first company (in late 2009) to deliver an Android-based smart .... only four companies selling the kind of storage required by cloud computing: IBM, .... had introduced already in 2000 a product called AirBoard, a tablet computer ...

A Chronology of Computer History - Singapore Community - Vodien


5 days ago ... 200 AD: Computing trays were introduced by both China and Japan at this time. ... 1855: The first practical mechanical computer is based on work by ... 1951: The first real-time computer called Whirlwind becomes operational at MIT. .... 1988: IBM, DEC, HP, Apollo, and other major computer companies ...

Manulife: Manulife Financial - History


June 23, 1887, The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Manulife ... December 1887, Manulife Financial was one of the first companies to offer life ... than $1.2 million - the fastest 10-year growth of any Canadian company at the time. ... to embrace mainframe computer technology with the installation of the IBM 650.

RIM History - BlackBerry


RIM becomes the first wireless data technology developer in North America and the first company outside Scandinavia to develop connectivity products for Mobitex ... Year Award from Network Computing Magazine, the Ontario ... RIM introduces BlackBerry Web Client, an Internet-based email ... o StarHub in Singapore.

SWIFT history


SWIFT leads on innovation as we enter the real-time payments market and launch the ... a collaborative web-based tool for the management of global standards and ... and 16,550,075 messages on Friday 25 January: a first in SWIFT history. ... providers including IBM, Microsoft and Oracle and announces the company will ...

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Benjamin J. Agusta joined IBM in 1956 as a manufacturing engineer with an ... There he did pioneering research on the silicon-dioxide layer, which serves as a ... and TTL IC-based computers for electrical utility & gas pipeline systems. .... In 1978, he also introduced the first field programmable gate array - Signetics 82S103 ...

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Company History - Satyam Computer Services Ltd.(Merged). 1987 .... 2000 - Vision-Compass Inc., the US-based wholly owned subsidiary of Satyam Computer ...

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microsoft's timeline from 1975 - 1990 - The History of Computing ...


Feb 28, 2014 ... Microsoft company history, The History of Computing Project. ... Homebrew Computer Club meets for the first time (in Gordon .... Microsoft developed its first 6502-based BASIC for the Commodore and sold the source code to Apple. .... The original IBM Personal Computer was actually introduced with ...

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IBM PCD announces its first laptop computer, the PC Convertible, weighing 12 pounds. ... Legend becomes the market share leader in China for the first time. ... 2000. IBM PCD ships its 10-millionth ThinkPad notebook PC. Legend becomes a .... Lenovo acquires Medion, a PC and consumer electronics company based in ...

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Hewlett-Packard introduced its first personal computer, the HP-85, in 1980, to a cool reception. .... Compaq did not have a direct sales force of its own, and, thus, did not .... While IBM was producing computers based on the MicroChannel technology ... sales and earnings fell in 1991 for the first time in the company's history.

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By the time Gates was 14, the two friends were writing and testing computer programs ... While IBM contracted Microsoft to develop languages for the PC, IBM's first ... and did not have an operating system of its own, the company purchased the .... Based on the earlier and less successful Multiplan, Excel gradually took hold ....

History Of IBM Global Services


In 1991 IBM was a $64.8 billion company, of which less than $6 billion was derived from ... Also in 1989, IBM introduced Business Recovery Services, an offering that ... As Dennie M. Welsh, the first general manager of IGS, said in December ... general manager of IBM Global Services, Americas, says ƒWhat this did for ...