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Pentax K-mount


The Pentax K-mount, sometimes referred to as the "PK-mount", is a bayonet lens mount ..... The R-K-mount is used on Rikenon P lenses, Ricoh bodies that include the letter 'P' in th...

Sears KSX-P 35mm camera manual


Your SEARS KSX-P program camera is equipped with a standard "K"- type bayonet mount which accepts all interchangeable lenses with the "K" bayonet mount.

Sears KSX Super (Ricoh KR-10) - Matt's Classic Cameras


Features lacking in the KSX Super are an aperture preview button, mirror lockup, and the explicit ability to take multiple exposures. These are features available ...

Vintage Sears KSXP Dual 2 Program SLR Camera Film by ...


Camera Film, Slr Camera, Reflex Camera, Sears Ksx, Program Slr, Snap Flash, ... Items similar to Vintage Sears KSX-P Dual 2 Program SLR Camera - Film ...

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I just received a second-hand Sears KSX Super 35mm manual slr. I Have yet to take any pictures ... --Valerie P. To love this comment, log in ...

Sears Vintage SLR Camera | eBay


VTG Sears 35MM SLR KSX with Extra Lens and Kit. $84.96. ​ ... SEARS KSX-P Dual 2 Program 35mm SLR Film Camera Parts And Repair. $31.00. ​.

Sears Roebuck Price Guide: estimate a camera value - CollectiBlend


Sears KSX, c1980, Collection Manual. Sears KSX Super, c1981, Photo Collection Manual. Sears KSX-1000, 1982. Sears KSX-P, 1983. Sears RF-5, 1965-1966.

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Sears KSX-P 35mm camera manual


Sears KSX-P 35mm camera. The next page contains information on this camera. If the image below looks like your camera, click below to see the full manual.

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May 6, 2016 ... Sears KSX Super, 35mm SLR, Ricoh KR-10 Super / XR-2000. Sears KSX-P, 35mm SLR (Dual2 Program), Chinon CP-5. Sears M35af, 35mm ...

shopgoodwill.com - #33289813 - Sears Dual2 Program KSX-P ...


9 hours ago ... Identifying Marks: Sears Dual2 Program KSX-P Camera with 1:1.7 50mm lens attached, Vivitar Auto 30D Dedicated Flash, and an Auto Sears ...