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Mar 24, 2007 ... REEL TO REEL TAPE RECORDER / DECK PIONEER RT-909 ... Knobs / Caps / Buttons, Mic / Line / Output knobs (concentric pairs) .... Reel Base Assembly, PIONEER RT-909 / RT-901 - Hub spindles / reel base / table / lock (Reel Base .... Bottom Feet / Skids REC-319 Right or REC-320 Left - $35. ea.


Excellent Pioneer RT-909 original genuine foot leg plastic metal and screws ... The reel table is free from rust, pitting, corrosion and blistering and is in perfect ... Pioneer RT-909KU SPEC Reel Tape Deck, Excellent Reconditioned W/ Upgrades ... Replace those plastic legs that break with these and your worries are over.


Pioneer RT-909 ... RT 909. Reel Table Assy. Buy Now · Buy Now · Buy Now · Buy Now. This page is under construction. We have many decks ... Handles (pair) ...

Jul 11, 2014 ... ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS Vintage PIONEER RT-909 Reel to Reel. ... Converting a Tape on a machine that played a little Slow or Fast, ---------PITCH CONTROL for the WIN ! ... Also the original feet are broken. I did epoxy one of the legs and while they are both on the deck protecting my 1974 Marantz from ...


The RT-909 is by far the nicest consumer reel-to-reel Pioneer ever ... most of the complicated mechanism of many of the other decks in its league. ... Rotate all tape guides (necessary, since they also develop wear .... The database also contains a table of consolidated data, where all ..... Head Base Access


The Pioneer RT-909 3-motor deck, with auto reverse / repeat playback and many more features, takes the open-reel format another important and impressive ...


Pioneer RT-909. ... It's a top end consumer deck, not a pro model. But don't it look ... I'm going to do what I did earlier, tape stuff off the radio.


Pioneer RT-909 reel to reel tape deck customizes in black. Tape tension ... Heathkit Stereo Pair AA-171 Tube Tape Recorder Electronics Pre Amplifiers. Heathkit ...


DIY Replacement feet for the Pioneer ... Pioneer PL-518 - Restored Classic Auto Return Direct Drive Turntable - ADC XSM I .... PIONEER RT-909 TAPE DECK REEL TO REEL in Consumer Electronics, Vintage Electronics, ... Pioneer Pl-518 in wooden base. .... Pairs perfectly with our Square Prints or Signature Prints.