How to Use an R4 Revolution
When a game breaks or goes missing, the R4 Revolution allows users to play backups of the Nintendo DS games in their collection. Users place the game files onto the micro SD card that came with the R4, insert the micro SD card into the R4 flash cart and... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Revolution for DS

edit]. There isn't a real R4 DS Series because the manufacturer of the R4 stopped producing them, but there are other cards that are ...

R4 DS Revolution Cards

Welcome to the R4 DS Revolution Information Site! There are many R4DS and R4i card clones on the market, and it's often difficult to figure out where is safe to  ...

R4 R4i SDHC Revolution for NDSi/NDSL/NDS R4i Cards R4 Cards

R4-SDHC kernel download(without mark). Please you choose to download the R4 SDHC language version of the kernel. Latest version: V1.82b. Updated ...

R4 DS Revolution - ShopTemp

R4 DS Revolution, also called R4DS, for as little as $6 on! 100% original, Wood R4 Compatible! Revolution&v=cxInC6zQJx4
Apr 10, 2007 ... @Nikoldin98 umm you can try but type in r4 revolution for ds. Read more Show ... just asking is there any r4 cards for DSI XL ? Revolution&v=Yp-ppbBlRzk
Jun 28, 2010 ... First look at the R4 Revolution DS. How to install firmware on a R4. Visti http:// for more information.

R4 DS Lite | Carte R4 | R4 DSi XL | R4 3DS | R4 SDHC | Logiciels ...

Carte R4 Revolution pour Nintendo DS - offre une gamme impressionnante de cartes r4 ds lite et r4i, de cartes R4 DSi et de cartes R4i DSi XL, ...

Wood R4 DS Revolution for Nintendo DS / DSL - R4 WOOD{47}-DSL.html

Wood R4 DS Revolution supports latest Wood R4 Kernel and official kernel V1. 18. Works for free DS gaming on Nintendo DS DSL.

Popular Q&A
Q: What is r4 revolution?
A: it lets you play back up roms, homebrew, music and even movies and view images. there are a lot but it's always recommended to get them from RELIABLE stores so ... Read More »
Q: How to Watch Videos on the R4 Revolution.
A: 1. Convert your video files to the DPG format. This is the only format that the R4 Revolution accepts. Download a conversion program (see Resources) open the ap... Read More »
Q: How to Install "R4 Revolution" for DS.
A: 1. Connect a Micro SD card to your computer using a USB-based SD card reader. Allow your computer to properly recognize the storage unit. 2. Go to the R4 Revolu... Read More »
Q: Where can i buy r4 revolution?
A: The R4DS Website has a list of distributors: see related link. you can also try for many different flash cards. very cheap and ship w... Read More »
Q: R4 Revolution For DS?
A: The answer is simple. Everytime you import new games to your R4DS and when you try to run that new game, R4DS will ask if you want to make a .SAV file for it. M... Read More »