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The Yamaha Raptor 700R is an all terrain vehicle (ATV) or quad bike. The Raptor 700R is ... electronically fuel injected engine (approximately 45 hp), with electric start and a five-speed manual transmission with a single-speed reverse.

Aug 1, 2013 ... top speed at the end of the video 3:20 148 km/h (actual top speed i reached was 151.7 km/h) not recorded on this video specs: sprockets 16-31 ...
Feb 22, 2016 ... Hi, the following comments are just a suggestion? Try it on pavement? what octane fuel? inflate tires to almost max psi? taller tire more top ...
Aug 26, 2016 ... 2014 Raptor 700 Top Speed -Mods- Power Commander V Stock Exhaust w/o Baffle Air Box Lid removed Stock Gearing Also, its worth noting ...


Jun 14, 2016 ... TOP FEATURES: 1. Aggressive SE Style Aggressive styling makes the Raptor 700R SE look as menacing as it really is, with added features ...


How fast can the raptor 700 go in its stock form....mph???????


Race-bred five-speed transmission with reverse, along with Raptor 700R's monstrous powerband, means there's a choice of gears in just about all situations .


Nov 24, 2013 ... when it comes to sport atvs the yamaha raptor 700r is one of the most ... with wet multiplate clutch. for nbsp ..., Motorcycle reviews - Top Speed.


Check out some of the fastest 4-wheelers and consider their top speeds ... The Raptor 700 offers an electric start, five-speed transmission with reverse, and a ...