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Cai Lun (simplified Chinese: 蔡伦; traditional Chinese: 蔡倫; pinyin: Cài Lún; Wade–Giles: Ts'ai Lun) (ca. 50 AD – 121), courtesy name Jingzhong (敬...

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Aug 18, 2006 ... Ts'ai Lun (c. 50 AD-121 AD) was a Chinese inventor who is regarded as the first producer of paper (c. 105). He used the inner bark of a ...

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Cai Lun (AD 50-121) Inventor of paper. Cai Lun (Ts'ai Lun) was born in Guiyang during the Eastern Han Dynasty. After serving as a court eunuch from AD 75, ...

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Nevertheless, the best information points to a servant of the Chinese imperial court, a eunuch named Cai Lun (sometimes spelled Ts'ai Lun), as the man who ...

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Cai Lun, Wade-Giles romanization Ts'ai Lun, courtesy name (zi) Jingzhong (born 62? ce, Guiyang [now Leiyang, in present-day Hunan province], China—died ...

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Emperor He of Han was pleased with the invention and granted Cai Lun an aristocratic title and great wealth ... A life of Ts'ai Luing and Japanese paper- making.

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In that year, historical records show that the invention of paper was reported to the Eastern Han Emperor Ho-di by Ts'ai Lun, an official of the Imperial Court.

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Cai Lun. Cai Lun was a Chinese eunuch who greatly reformed the art of papermaking. ... Cai's paper (known as Cai Lun paper) was light and thin, strong and ...

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Q: In which month was Ts'ai Lun born.
A: Ts'ai Lun (蔡伦, also Cai Lun) born in 61 CE, East Han Dynasty, the exact date of birth was not recorded. Read More »
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Q: When was Ts'ai Lun born?
A: when was ts'ai lun born and when did he die just a brief summary Read More »
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Q: What did Ts'ai Lun invent.
A: Paper, and the paper making process. Read More »
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Q: When was Ts'ai Lun born?
A: when was ts'ai lun born and when did he die just a brief summary. people think its ca 50. Read More »
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Q: How do you pronounce Ts'ai Lun?
A: Ts'ai----SIGH (the T is silent in this case) Lun- LO-ON Read More »
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