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Aug 2, 2011 ... ... YAS-26 Alto Saxophone, YTS-26 Tenor Saxophone, YTR-2330 ... The Yamaha band instruments that are made in China are made with the ...

Aug 20, 2008 ... I played Yamaha for 7 years, and the sounds from the saxophones i played were so generic, and ... Most YAS-23 nowadays are made in China!
Jul 31, 2013 ... Have you ever wanted to know how saxophones are made? Take this brief tour into the Yamaha Saxophone Factory to find out!


Note: Alto saxophones are prefaced by YAS (for Yamaha Alto Saxophone), while ... Perhaps the most versatile custom Yamaha saxophones, the 875EX series is ... horns were on a different floor than the rest of the horns and I never made my ...


i donot think that yamaha make any saxophone models in china.... i have seen some of the later 275 models made in indonesia.... hope this helps,philip. Reply.


Musical instrument manufacturers Kawai and Roland are based in Hamamatsu. As is Yamaha, today's destination. I am here to see saxophones being made.


There is a pretty good video of how Yamaha's are made. You can take the virtual tour read and see how Yamaha makes saxophones.


Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Yamaha YAS-26 Standard Alto ... IT IS MADE IN CHINA AND IT IS HALF THE PRICE IN CHINA!!


FinishGold lacquer. The intonation is perfect, as you would expect from Yamaha, and it is easy to get a great sound. All Yamaha saxophones feature an ...


Find great deals for 1year Yamaha Musical Saxophone Sax Phone Yas-280 ... YAMAHA Standard Alto Sax YAS-280 with Case and Mouthpiece made in Japan  ...