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The Nikon F-mount is a type of interchangeable lens mount developed by Nikon for its 35mm ..... Not to be confused with early lenses marked "Nikkor-P" meaning a ... Uses a moving optical g...

Nikkor 500mm f/4 P IF-ED - John Caz


Mar 31, 2014 ... Nikkor 500mm f/4 P IF-ED ... The MF 500mm f/4P lens is an old lens. ... A lot of photographers don't put in the effort needed to learn to use a ...

Does a 500mm F/4 P make sense? - Photo.net Nikon Forum


If all your TCs are the Nikon ones, the 500 f/4P probably will not mount on them, ... I use a 500 f/4 AI-P, with a TC-14E (with the tab filed off) and, ...

Nikkor 500mm f/4.0P ED-IF Super-telephoto lense - Mir


Introduced in March, 1988, strangely this Nikkor 500mm f/4.0P ED-IF lens was the ... F4 and Nikon F801 (N8008) were introduced, the longest AF Nikkor lens was ... specification usually belongs to professional usage, the Nikkor 500mm prime ...

Nikon ED Nikkor 500mm f/4.0 P Lens - FM Forums - FredMiranda.com


There is a learning curve to properly use a super telephoto, because it is not like ... D2x + Nikkor 500mm f/4 P AI-S + TC-16A first field tests.

500mm f4p manual focus or new Nikkor 200-500 f/5.6e or TC with a ...


Camera is a Df the 400mm f/5.6 is the P.C version - not the IF one! Intended uses - some bird pictures, some landscape, some moon shots!

Nikon NIKKOR 500mm f/4 P IF-ED - Photography Life


Nikon NIKKOR 500mm f/4 P IF-ED lens information from Photography Life with detailed specifications, reviews and image samples.

Nikkor 500mm f/4 P ED-IF : Specifications and Opinions | JuzaPhoto


User opinions, specifications and photos taken with the Nikkor 500mm f/4 P ED- IF, supertele lens for FF and APS-C, manufactured from 1988 to 2002 ...

Nikon 500mm f/8 Reflex-NIKKOR - Ken Rockwell


Oct 8, 2010 ... Nikon 500mm f/8 N Reflex-NIKKOR (39mm rear and 82mm front filters, 29.030 oz ./823.0g with hood and ... For more fixed use, a beanbag seems like a great idea. This is a ... It works on every professional 35mm camera (F, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6). The meters of .... Front: 82mm (p=0.75mm), metal. Rotates with ...

Nikon NIKKOR P ED IF AI-S 500mm f/4 IF Ai-S ED Lens - eBay


Photographers interested in bird photography will find the Nikon P ED IF AI-S camera lens ideal for their interests. The lens construction of 8 elements in 6 ...