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Wireless LAN


A wireless local area network (WLAN) is a wireless computer network that links two or more devices using a wireless distribution method within a limited area ...

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This definition is part of our Essential Guide: Mapping your wireless local area network: ... A wireless LAN (or WLAN, for wireless local area network, sometimes  ...

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Wireless Local Area Network WLAN Definition - A wireless local area network ( WLAN) is a wireless distribution method for two or more devices that use...

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A type of local-area network that uses high-frequency radio waves rather than wires to communicate between nodes.

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Definition of wireless lan (WLAN): Local area network where some or all devices (servers, clients, printers, etc.) are interconnected via microwave radio signals ...

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(wireless Local Area Network) A communications network that provides connectivity to wireless devices within a limited geographic area. "Wi-Fi" is the universal ...

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WLAN stands for Wireless Local Area Network and is when a mobile user connects to a local area network via a wireless connection.

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A WLAN supports wireless network communication over short distances using radio or infrared signals instead of cables (or long distance wireless).

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Noun, 1. WLAN - a local area network that uses high frequency radio signals to transmit and receive data over distances of a few hundred feet; uses ethernet ...

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This Internet Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of WLAN is. The slang word / acronym / abbreviation WLAN means... . Internet Slang. A list of  ...

wireless local area network
a wireless broadband system for linking personal computers and workstations with each other in order to share data, devices, programs, etc.: usually confined to one office, building, or home.
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