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The mussel's external shell is composed of two hinged halves or ... Mussel shells carry out a variety of functions, including ...

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Jan 26, 2012 ... External and internal anatomy of a freshwater mussel. Phylum Mollusca, Class Bivalvia. Bivalves are easily distinguished from other molluscs ...

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ANATOMY OF UNIONID MUSSELS. These illustrations are from the booklet "A Pocket Guide to Kansas Freshwater Mussels". They are reproduced here with the  ...

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There are several labeled drawings to assist users with mussel anatomy. Glossary Sources: ... a pair of muscles that close the two valves of a mussel shell.

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Image by: Vilma Estudillo. The internal anatomy of a live marine muscle that has just been opened. Visible are the: shell (valve); mantle - lines the shell, very ...

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(click on the organs within the picture for details). This is a basic overview of the anatomy of a bivalve. Most freshwater mussels within North America do not have  ...

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Bivalve Anatomy I: Mytilus edulis and Mercenaria mercenaria .... Mussels are equivalve (right and left valves are nearly identical and symmetrical). The ...

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Figure 7: The internal, soft tissue anatomy of a clam of the genus Tapes. ... In clams and mussels the two adductor muscles are located near the anterior and ...

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The anatomy and physiology of zebra mussels have been extensively studied both in Europe and North America. The following sections provide an overview of  ...

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External anatomy: The mussel's external shell is composed of two valves that protect it from predators and desiccation. Protruding from a valve is an enlarged ...

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Anatomy of Freshwater Mussels. phhoto of </i>Ellipsaria lineolata</i> What is a Freshwater Mussel? Freshwater mussels are bivalved mollusks (Phylum ...

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Teach Anatomy with Carolina's Perfect Solution® Preserved Pigs · Carolina Forensic Dissection Kit: Full Interactive Student Guide · Carolina's Perfect Solution® ...

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Dissection Guide for the Clam (Mussel) 07.0s.15 Name ... fresh-water mussel. .... for just a moment on this page and look at some of the living clam's anatomy.