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Oct 29, 2008 ... If mussels are open before they've been cooked (and don't close up ... Will this new piece of information change the way you eat the shellfish?

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Sort through mussels, tapping any that are open lightly on a surface to see if ... open, or any that are damaged (they have perished and are not safe to eat). ... Consuming mussels that have perished before cooking can cause food poisoning.

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Oct 29, 2008 ... First, that you should eat them only in months that had the letter 'R' in ... These mussels opened before they had been cooked long enough to ...

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Though simple to cook, just steam them for a couple minutes, if you know a little bit about ... Bypass mussels that have their shells open and that will not close. ... As with all seafood, the meat is fresher if you can prepare and eat it right away.

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Is it normal for frozen mussels to not open their shells when cooked? If it is normal, is there a way to tell if they are safe to eat? ... You should, however, be careful to remove any mussels that have opened before cooking, as they'll be dead and ... If he's alive, that will scare the little sucker, and he'll close.

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Jul 16, 2015 ... But before you start cooking, there a few things you need to know about ... This is easy to do — just tap the shell on a hard surface, and if it closes it's good to eat. ... The mussels should open between five and seven minutes.



Jul 29, 2013 ... Mussels are alive, and you want them alive when you cook them. ... this is a myth, and that these mussels can be pried open and safely eaten, ...

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You can never be sure about the state of the mussel before it was frozen once it has ... Mussels with open shells may be dead and therefore dangerous to eat.

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Jul 7, 2014 ... but if the majority of the mussels are open or show cracked shells, move on to another ... Before cooking, look over the mussels carefully. ... As long as you have some sort of liquid to steam the mussels, you can do anything.

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Mussels that don't open are OK to eat – sometimes they just hang on harder! ... Closed mussels can be cooked a little longer or the shell prised open with a knife  ...

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Is it always necessary to throw out open mussels that will not close after soaking? ... generally so expensive that you can't learn to love cooking and eating them. ... of advice--don't remove the byssal threads (the beard) until just before cooking.

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Apr 9, 2012 ... Most people who like to cook and eat mussels and clams know that they are ... cooking mussels until opened, or at least it seems he does. ... So, if before you cook it, the shell is open, that just means the mussel is chilling out.

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I think the vast majority of people are under the belief that one should discard them. Because of ... They should also be thrown away if the shell is open before cooking, and remains open even after you touch it. That also means the mussel is  ...