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Egg (food)


Eggs are laid by female animals of many different species, including birds, reptiles, amphibians ... Chickens and other egg-laying creatures are widely kept throughout the world, and mass production...

Interesting Facts About Chicken Eggs - BackYard Chickens ...


Feb 22, 2012 ... BackYard Chickens article, Interesting Facts About Chicken Eggs Have you ever wondered how a hen can lay an egg every day? Why some ...

About Chicken Eggs
Learn more about chicken egg nutrition, getting your own hens and how to store fresh eggs after picking them up from the coop.... More »
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Eggs: What Are You Really Eating? - Free From Harm


Feb 12, 2014 ... Hens ovulate for the same reason female humans do: to reproduce. In chickens, the ovary is a cluster of developing ova, or yolks. Female ...

Are Eggs Chicken Periods? A Nurse Gives the Lowdown | Blog ...


Feb 4, 2015 ... Chicken in a cage So, a human “period” is an unfertilized reproductive cycle and the eggs at the grocery store are unfertilized reproductive ...

Are Eggs Really Chicken Periods? | Blog | peta2.com


Oct 29, 2012 ... Are you eating someone's period? If you eat eggs, you are.

Homemade Salted Eggs (鹹蛋) | Christine's Recipes: Easy Chinese ...


Here in this post, I share an easy way to make salted eggs at home. This time I used chicken eggs. If you can find fresh duck eggs, that's even better. But I found  ...

Salted duck egg


A salted duck egg is a Chinese preserved food product made by soaking duck eggs in brine, ... Salted eggs can also be made from chicken eggs, though the taste and texture will be somewhat different,...

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Jul 12, 2014 ... Sated Eggs is one of my favorite Filipino food dish but too much salt is not good for ... Chicken Tocino Filipino Homemade Recipe Lutong Pinoy ...
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Q: How to Hatch Chicken Eggs.
A: Hatching chicken eggs is accomplished using an incubator or a broody hen. Both methods require stable conditions and fertilized eggs. Hatching in an incubator i... Read More »
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Q: How to Freeze Chicken Eggs.
A: If you have more eggs than you can use before they go bad, freezing is an option. While refrigerated eggs typically keep for three weeks in their shells, freezi... Read More »
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Q: How to Collect Chicken Eggs.
A: Three Parts: Collecting the Eggs. Cleaning Eggs. Storing Eggs Safely. Community Q&A. If you live in an area where raising chickens is permitted, you may have co... Read More »
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Q: How to Hatch Chicken Eggs.
A: Three Methods: Choosing Your Eggs and Hatching Method. Using an Incubator. Using a Broody Hen. Community Q&A. Hatching chicken eggs is an extremely rewarding ex... Read More »
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Q: What is the size of the chicken egg?
A: Depending on the breed of the chicken it can be the size of a man's thumb to an egg the size of a small peach. The most popular size for sale in supermarkets is... Read More »
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