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Chocolate-covered bacon is an American dish that consists of cooked bacon with a coating of either milk chocolate or dark chocolate. It can be topped with sea ...


A hit at state fairs everywhere, make this salty-sweet concoction at home. Some say bacon can't get any better, but we think chocolate makes everything better!


Get Gina's Chocolate Covered Bacon Recipe from Food Network.


I havent tried this, but I definitely will. Sounds crazy enough to work! Bacon = yum . Chocolate = yum. It has to work...right?


Apr 4, 2017 ... Sweet meets salty in this recipe for Chocolate-Covered Bacon. If you've never tried bacon and chocolate together, you might be surprised at ...


Chocolate-covered bacon is the perfect marriage of sweet and savory that will make all the bacon lovers in your life happy.


Sep 20, 2016 ... There's a lot of love given to chocolate-covered strawberries and candied bacon, but why not combine the two ideas to create ...


Chocolate-Covered Bacon photo - Sweet meets salty in this recipe for Chocolate- Covered Bacon. If you've never tried bacon and chocolate together, you might ...


Chocolate dipped bacon is an instant dynamic duo. It's incredibly easy to make and a crowd pleaser every time with it's union of salty, crunchy, cured bacon and  ...


Feb 2, 2013 ... Have you tried chocolate covered bacon yet? Two of the worlds best ingredients come together in a seemingly odd combination to create a ...