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Basic Steamed Blue Crabs Recipe - Chowhound


Game plan: Fresh live crab should be purchased and cooked the same day—the crabs can only be stored in the refrigerator for a few hours once taken out of ...

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Mar 4, 2012 ... Boiling crab is pretty easy. Cracking it open and eating it is the hard part. With crab you have to boil it alive and I recommend you boil it for 20 ...

How to Cook and Clean a Fresh Dungeness Crab - Instructables


If you live on the Pacific coast, this is necessary information! ... Why settle for soggy, pre-cooked and pre-picked Dungeness crab when you can prepare it fresh?

Cooking Blue Crab: The Easy Way to Cook Fresh Blue Claw Crabs


Cooking blue crab is quick and easy! See how we prepare the live Atlantic Blue Crabs we catch here on Cape Cod.

4 Ways to Cook a Crab - wikiHow


Since crab can be expensive if you're eating in a restaurant, try cooking crab at home. If you're pressed for ... Remember that live crabs may pinch. Use caution ...

Crab Boil! How To Cook Live Crabs | Amy Glaze's Pommes D'Amour


Apr 3, 2012 ... They sell live crabs for around $5 /lb. which is twice the ol' ... It's important that the broth back come up to a boil between each crab dunk.

Cleaning and Preparing Crab | Washington Department of Fish ...


It's essential to keep crab cool and damp until you are ready to cook them. ... If handling live crabs proves to be a problem when removing the back, the crab can  ...

How to Boil Crab - Crab-O-Licious.com


Learn how to boil crab, here, at Crab-O-Licious.com. We will ... We have a new feature down below for live comments, so we can help you better! Now, may you  ...

Tim Hayward: How to cook and dress a crab | Life and style | The ...


Jul 14, 2009 ... In pictures: how to cook and dress a crab, and we'll have a couple of ... If you are choosing a live crab, pick up several and try to go for a lively ...

Crabs and Other Crustaceans Can Feel Pain, Study Suggests | TIME ...


Jan 18, 2013 ... We boil crabs and lobsters alive because it tastes better, and also ... to a live chicken or pig, which are dead well before the cooking process ...

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How to Cook and Clean Live Crab at Home - Turntable Kitchen


Dec 4, 2012 ... The day after Thanksgiving, Matt and I drove out to Half Moon Bay to get in on the season's first crabs, buying them directly from the fishermen.

How to Cook Crab - Sunset


Here's how. How to cook crab. 1. Keep live crabs loosely covered in the refrigerator up to 12 hours. Grasp crabs carefully from the rear end, between the legs, ...

Cook a Live Crab - Down The Cove | Down The Cove


How to Cook a Live Crab. A guide on cooking a crab humanely. Before you start to cook a crab… Make sure that your crab is still alive before cooking it. When a ...