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Italian Sausage
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Total Time: 1 hour 5 minutes   Yield: 2 pounds or 10 to 12 (4-inch) sausage links
Level: Intermediate   Cuisine: Italian European
Directions: Toast fennel seed in medium sized, heavy saute pan over medium heat, constantly moving seeds around in pan until they start to turn light brown, about 5 minutes. Set aside to cool. Once cool, grind seeds and combine with salt, pepper, and chopped parsley More »
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I picked up Johnsonville Hot Italian at my Local Grocery Store here in Edmonton. I let it sit a little less then a week in the fridge, then thought, ah, I'll cook up so,e ...

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My family has been using this very simple and delicious recipe for sausage, peppers, and onions for years and years now. For an extra kick, try using half sweet ...

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Whether used in a recipe or as the main dish, Johnsonville Italian Sausage is the secret ingredient that will keep everyone coming back for more!

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In the United States, Italian sausage most often refers to a style of pork sausage noted for being seasoned with fennel or anise as the primary seasoning. In Italy ...

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It's easy to make your own Italian-style sausage with a lot of delicious herbs and spices. Freeze for later, or refrigerate and use in your favorite recipes after 12 ...

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Recommended Safe Cooking Temperatures ... Fried, poached, (cook until yolk and white are firm). Casseroles, 160, 71. Sauces ... Sausage, Fresh, 160, 71 ...

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A comprehensive Internal Temperature Cooking Chart to help take the guesswork out ... Cooked medium to well done. Sausage. Raw Sausage, 160 degrees F.

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at Home (safe internal temps):. 145°F Beef, lamb & veal steaks and roasts, medium rare (medium - 160°F). 160°F Ground beef, pork, veal and lamb. Sausages ...