Cooking Live Lobsters
For some cooks, the thought of cooking a live lobster can be a bit intimidating. In reality, cooking live lobsters is very easy, and even the novice cook can handle the task.... More »
Difficulty: Easy

How to Cook Live Lobster and Lobster Tails Step-by-Step

Learn how to cook live lobster and lobster tails with these step-by-step directions with pictures. Cook lobster like they do in the restaurants with these lobster ...

How to Boil and Eat Lobster - Simply Recipes

Aug 13, 2010 ... 2 Grasp the lobster by the body and lower it upside down and head first into the boiling water. Continue to add the live lobsters to the pot in this ...

Steamed Lobster Cooking Tips | Maine Lobster Marketing ...

Jun 3, 2015 ... Steaming is more gentle cooking technique that yields slightly more tender ... Add the live lobsters one at a time, cover pot, and start timing.
For those who do not wish to wrestle with a thrashing lobster prior to cutting the spinal cord, place the lobster in a large pot in the sink. Begin filling with cold tap water and gradually increase the heat factor of the tap water until it is hot. This will desensiti... More »
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Aug 26, 2013 ... We take a live Pembrokeshire lobster,dispatch it and then grill it,served with a herb butter sauce.WARNING,very graphic scenes of the lobster ...

How to Cook Live Lobster - Food Network

Learn how to cook live lobster with instructions from Food Network Magazine.

Boiled Lobsters Recipe : Food Network

2 or 3 tablespoons salt; 4 live lobsters (about 1 1/2 pounds each); 1/2 cup (1 stick ) ... Reduce the heat to medium and cook the lobsters for 12 to 18 minutes ...

Boiling Live Maine Lobster | Cooking Times, Tips, Instructions & Video

Boiling lobster is the certainly easiest way to cook lobster and a great way to enjoy the flavor of a fresh live lobster. The meat of a boiled lobster also pulls easily ...

How to Cook Lobster - Better Homes and Gardens

If you're intimidated by live lobsters, relax; they're really easy to fix. Think about lobster prep like cooking corn on the cob -- just plunge them into boiling water.

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Q: How to Cook Live Lobster.
A: 1. Fill a large lobster pot three quarters full with water. Add salt (1 tablespoon per quart) to the water. 2. Bring water to a rolling boil. 3. Remove rubber b... Read More »
Q: How to Cook Live Lobsters
A: Buy live lobsters when they are in season. Usually lobsters are best September through February. Purchase your lobster alive and fresh. The reason why people li... Read More »
Q: How to cook live lobsters?
A:…. this should help. Yummy lobster. Source(s) kat. Read More »
Q: How to cook live lobster
A: Lobster is incredibly sweet, rich and delicious. Many people prefer to have it served out of the shell with all of the work done behind the scenes. But if you w... Read More »
Q: How to cook live lobster
A: How to cook Lobster The first thing to do is to cut those rubber bands off the claws, you will be able to taste the rubber if you don't. Now put a pot of water ... Read More »