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List of grape varieties


This list of grape varieties includes cultivated grapes, whether used for wine, or eating as a ... While some of the grapes in this list are hybrids, they are hybridized within between different spe...

Types of Wine Grapes: A Dive Into 20 Popular Varieties - Wine Turtle


Jun 11, 2015 ... With the vast variety in different types of wine grapes out there, it's easy to understand that those new to wine quickly get confused. It was not ...

Grape varieties - Guides - Wine World & News - The Wine Society


One of the most influential factors affecting the flavour of wine is the grape variety or varieties that go into its making. Understanding some of the key differences ...

Types of wine (The 8 most popular names) - French Scout


This page describes the different types of wine per district and variety (riesling ... A varietal wine primarily shows the fruit: the grape variety dominates the flavour.

What are the Different Types of Grapes? (with pictures) - wiseGEEK


There are two main types of grapes: table grapes and wine grapes. Both table and wine grapes are further divided into...

Red, Green & Black Grapes | Grape Types/Varieties by Sun World


Sun World has a variety of types of grapes including red grapes, black grapes and green grapes. With premium varieties such as Sun World MIDNIGHT BEAUTY ...

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Understanding the types of grapes used in wine and their characteristics is .... not be confused with Sirah/Shiraz grape, which is a completely different grape.

Grapevine Varieties: Different Types Of Grapes - Gardening Know ...


Mar 30, 2016 ... Want to can your own grape jelly or make your own wine? There's a grape out there for you. Learn about some of the more common grape ...

Defining 18 Noble Grapes to Expand Your Palate | Wine Folly


May 17, 2013 ... Expand your palate with the 18 noble grapes. ... A Spectrum of Wine in Just 18 Noble Grapes ... Different Types of Wine Infographic Close Up ...

Common Types of Wine (top varieties to know) | Wine Folly


May 18, 2015 ... There are many different kinds of wine grapes–over a thousand,–but here are a few of the most-commonly planted varieties around the world.

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Types of Grapes, Concord, Thomas, Seedless and more. | Berkeley ...


Jul 10, 2015 ... The major varieties are harvested in different seasons, and the period of market availability for some types is extended by imported grapes.

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Learn about the most popular grapes and wine blends in the world. From Merlot to Malbec, our short ... Types Of Wines & Grapes. Learn about the most popular ...

Grape Types and Varieties - Harvest to Table


Nov 19, 2007 ... Grapes can be broadly categorized as either table grapes or wine grapes, though many grapes can be used as both. Table and wine grapes.