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This is a good, economical, easy and fairly quick method for preparing smoked salmon. The key is dry brining and letting the surface of the fish dry well before ...

Smoker Smoked Salmon : Mix up some dry brine and layer the salmon

Lay some pieces of salmon down on the brine and ensure that all sides (include the sides...) are completely covered in dry brine mix. Add seom extra dry brine ...

Finally Some Salmon I Really Like: Brown Sugar Brined Smoked

Sep 23, 2013 ... Remove the fish from the brine, dab with a paper towel to dry and place on a rack ... Remove salmon from the smoker and serve when desired.

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Get this all-star, easy-to-follow Smoked Salmon recipe from Alton Brown. ... After about two days of brining, using no water, wash, dry and then air-dry and begin ...

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If anyone has another smoked salmon recipe they really enjoy, please pass it on to us. This recipe is ... As this is a dry brine recipe, no liquids should be added.

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Dry Brine Methods: I learned this from Ray Vodapesp of Seattle who fishes off our dock with friends each summer. He specializes in smoking salmon, especially ... Smoked Salmon Brine&v=St8au0YcONM
Apr 12, 2013 ... To begin, make a dry brine for smoked salmon, which consists of dark brown sugar, a bit of salt, and some fresh cracked pepper. Smoke the ...

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Brining salmon before smoking it imparts flavor and helps to preserve the fish. Salmon can be brined following two methods - either wet brining or dry brining.

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Every time I make this smoked salmon and serve it, I get raves. ... Brine Formula: 2 1/2 tablespoons plain salt (without iodine) to 1 quart (4 cups) water. ... Let salmon air dry on wire racks for at least 2 hours (this causes a "pellicle" - a tacky glaze ...

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There are two basic ways to cure fish for smoking. One method is using a liquid brine cure. The second is a dry cure. I favor the dry cure for several reasons.

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Q: How to Smoke Brined Salmon.
A: 1. Add the salt, sugar, soy sauce, garlic powder, apple juice and water to a large container and stir well. Cut the salmon fillets into 4-inch pieces and add to... Read More »
Q: How to Brine Salmon Before Smoking.
A: Things You'll Need. Cheesecloth or plastic wrap. 1 salmon fillet, skin on, approximately 3 lbs. Fish tweezers or clean, stainless-steel, needle-nose pliers. 1/2... Read More »
Q: Brine recipes for smoking salmon?
A: salt , brown sugar and water is what I use, sometimes throw some rosemary in when doing fish Read More »
Q: Does anyone have a brine recipe for smoked salmon?
A: Combine the following: 1/2 cup warm water, 1 cup soy sauce, 1+1/2 cup dry white wine (suggest sauvignon blanc or pinot grigio) 1 tsp tabasco sauce, 1/2 cup brow... Read More »
Q: Take a herring or salmon Soak it in brine Smoke it What do you ha...
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