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The electric eel (Electrophorus electricus) is an electric fish, and the only species in that genus. Despite the name, it is not an eel, but rather a knifefish.

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Learn all you wanted to know about electric eels with pictures, videos, photos, facts, and news from National Geographic.

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Electric Eels are found in the waters of South America, and are capable of generating a 500volt electric shock through 28ft of still water. The shock that the ...

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Sep 2, 2015 ... Electric eels control their prey WITHOUT touching it: Creatures send shock waves to manipulate their target's muscles Electric eels use ...

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May 30, 2015 ... All of an electric eel's vital organs are crammed into the front 20 percent of its body. The rest is packed with 6000 cells that act like tiny batteries.

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The Short Answer: The cells of all living things generate electrical charges. In an electric eel (Electrophorus electricus), thousands of modified muscle cells in the ...

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Electric eels are not really eels, they are actually ostariophysians, but have a strong physical resemblance to true eels. The body is long and snake-like, lacking ...

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Oct 28, 2015 ... The electric eel Electrophorus electricus. Curling behaviour amplifies the eel's electrical discharges, enabling it to deliver double strength ...

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Occasionally they are eaten by locals of the Amazon area. Although there is no commercial value, the electric eel has been a constant source of study for many ...

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Oct 28, 2015 ... The electric eel may be one of the most remarkable predators in the entire animal kingdom. That is the conclusion of Kenneth Catania, the ...

Electric Eel
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Gymnotiformes Family: Electrophoridae Genus: Electrophorus
Species: Electrophorus electricus
Electrophorus electricus, more commonly known as the electric eel, occupies the northeastern portions of South America. This includes the Guyanas and Orinoco Rivers as well as the middle and lower Amazon basin. Electric eels... More »
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Electrophorus electricus—everything about this fish's scientific name says high voltage! So, it's no surprise that of the fishes able to generate an electrical ...

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Electric eels are one of the 500 types of fish that are capable of producing electricity. They live in shallow, muddy areas of Amazon and Orinoco rivers in South ...