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The fire eel (Mastacembelus erythrotaenia) is a large freshwater fish found in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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The Fire Eel is a nocturnal predator, and part of the Mastacembelidae family, also referred to as the Spiny Eel family. Members of this family are not true eels.

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May 18, 2008 ... The big guy (we are thinking of naming him Norbert) eats nightcrawlers and market shrimp, and the smaller two eat red-wrigglers, blood worms, ...

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Fire eels (Mastacembelus erythrotaenia) can be amusing — but they're not for beginners.

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The fire eel is a fairly peaceful eel, especially at a young age. These guys love a sandy substrate so they can bury themselves and expose nothing but their ...

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The Fire Eel is a larger freshwater eel species that originates from warm flood plains and streams of southeast Asia including: Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, ...

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Jun 3, 2015 ... What's the minimum recommended tank size? I'm getting a 100 gallon this weekend, 5' long, 16" wide, 24" tall. Would this be too small for a Fire Eel...

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Jun 13, 2016 ... What's the best tank set up for keeping a Fire eel (Mastacembelus erythrotaenia) ? Dr Heok Hee Ng advises on how to provide the right ...

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Mastacembelus erythrotaenia - Fire Eel. This listing is for one Fire Eel, size is about 12 inches roughly. Very healthy and currently eating bloodworms (frozen, dry ...

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Fire Eel, Mastacembelus erythrotaenia. Image By Llandor (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons. Background. A very handsome fish, part of the spiny eel family, ...

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Jul 30, 2008 ... Mastacembelus erythrotaenia Common Name: Fire Eel Scientific Name: Mastacembelus erythrotaenia Maximum Size: 39 inches/ 99 cm ...

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Mastacembelus erythrotaenia. Fire Eel. Classification. Mastacembelidae. Distribution. Recorded from Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and ...

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The Fire eel have red markings and is a color full addition the aquarium, as long as the tank is large enough to house this big eel. If you keep your Fire eel in ...