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The Anguillidae are a family of ray-finned fish that contains the freshwater eels. The nineteen species and six subspecies in this family are all in the genus ...

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Aquarium Eels, fish guides for freshwater Eels and Eel-like Species, Eel list and pictures of different types of eels, eel facts and information, fish care and ...

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Freshwater eels are usually sedentary. They tend to be nocturnal (active at night) and live in holes or caves. Can be aggressive and eat smaller tank mates.

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Their fierce look, their snakelike elongated body and their general oddball attitude lure many fish keepers into buying them. But freshwater moray eels are not ...

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Nov 9, 2013 ... 2 tire track eels, a black spot, a fire eel, 3 zig zag eels, one zig zag hybrid, .... + phillip ester fresh water eel IS delicious! you can't go wrong with ...
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Apr 4, 2011 ... my snowflake moray eel eats a huge craw fish, leopard puffers get their share.

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Item 36 - 15162 ... Freshwater eels can share their aquarium with other fish that are the same size or larger, but do not get along with other eels. Due to their size, ...

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Information about how to keep and care for freshwater moray eels.

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Q. For some time now, I have raised various kinds of freshwater eels, including the typical spiny eels (Macrognathus aculeatus) and tire-track eels ...

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Family overview: Freshwater Eels are the only catadromous fishes in North America. “Catadromous” means that they spawn in salt water and live as adults in  ...

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Freshwater Eels are excellent tank mates for larger fish. Some of the most popular eels are Freshwater Electric Eels, Fire Eels, Tire Track Eels & Peacock Eels.

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The Fire Eel is a nocturnal predator, and part of the Mastacembelidae family, also referred to as the Spiny Eel family. Members of this family are not true eels.

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Eels make unique additions to tropical freshwater aquariums. Order at the lowest prices online from thatpetplace.com or 877-367-4377.