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Freshwater bivalves are one kind of freshwater molluscs, along with freshwater snails. They are ... lives in lakes or slow rivers. Freshwater pearl mussels are economically important as a source of ...

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Apr 14, 2015 ... North America has the highest diversity of freshwater mussels in the world. And within North America, historically the Midwest had some of the ...

Fun with Freshwater Mussels!!


There are over 300 different kinds of freshwater mussels in the United States and Canada. Their shells come in many different colors and textures. You can find ...

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Native Freshwater Mussels. January 2007. Fish and Wildlife Habitat Management Leaflet. Number 46. Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.

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There are 10 species of native freshwater mussels in the state of New Hampshire . Some species, such as the eastern Elliptio, are common and widespread in ...

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Freshwater mussel assemblage from the Licking River, Photo by Monte McGregror. Freshwater mussels, also known as mollusks, are one of the most imperiled ...

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Freshwater Mussels of the. Pacific Northwest. Ethan Jay Nedeau, Allan K. Smith, Jen Stone, and Sarina Jepsen. 2009. SECOND EDITION ...

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By the 1950s freshwater mussels became important for the cultured pearl industry in Japan and in later years other countries. Freshwater mussel shell material ...

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As filter-feeders, freshwater mussels provide a vital service to Maine's lakes, ponds, rivers and streams by removing suspended particles such as algae, bacteria, ...

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the streams and lakes of Michigan: freshwater mussels. (Unionidae), fingernail or pea clams (Sphaeriidae),. Asian clams (Corbiculidae), and zebra and quagga.

How to Grow Freshwater Mussels
Freshwater mussels are categorized as a mollusk, like clams and oysters. They live in aquatic environments where water runs freely and has a high oxygen content. This type of environment provides the organic particles and microorganisms that freshwater... More »
Difficulty: Challenging
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