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The Care of Freshwater Mussels
Freshwater mussels filter water at the rate of several gallons per day, they provide food for animals and indicate good water quality by their presence. Yet over half of mussel species are endangered and dams, human land use and exotic mussel species... More »
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Freshwater bivalve


These families belong to two different evolutionary lineages (freshwater mussels and freshwater clams), and the two groups are not closely related. Freshwater ...

Freshwater Mussels


Freshwater mussels are mollusks and are similar to their marine clam and oyster cousins. They have two shells connected by a hinge-like ligament. Around the ...

Fun with Freshwater Mussels!!


There are over 300 different kinds of freshwater mussels in the United States and Canada. Their shells come in many different colors and textures. You can find ...

FMCS - Freshwater Mussels


Freshwater Mussels are important. North America once had 300 species of native mussels. It was the most diverse mussel fauna on earth. Unfortunately, 38 of ...

Freshwater Mussels of the Upper Mississippi River System


Dec 28, 2006 ... Click on the mussel above to go to the Field Guide to Freshwater Mussels and find out more information about this species. A different species ...

Freshwater Mussels Pacific Northwest - The Xerces Society


Freshwater Mussels of the. Pacific Northwest. Ethan Jay Nedeau, Allan K. Smith, Jen Stone, and Sarina Jepsen. 2009. SECOND EDITION ...

West Virginia DNR - Freshwater Mussels


The constant flow of water also removes waste materials that would be toxic to the mussels. The best substrate for fresh-water mussels is a combination of silt, ...

Freshwater Mussels | Delaware Estuary


Freshwater mussels are bivalves similar to oysters, clams, and their tastier marine cousins. Unlike these other bivalves, freshwater mussels live in our local  ...

Freshwater Mussels of Michgian - Michigan Natural Features Inventory


the streams and lakes of Michigan: freshwater mussels. (Unionidae), fingernail or pea clams (Sphaeriidae),. Asian clams (Corbiculidae), and zebra and quagga.

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Q: How to Eat Freshwater Mussels.
A: Things You'll Need. Small fork. Instructions. Buy freshwater mussels from a source that harvests them legally and from unpolluted waters. When exposed to air, m... Read More »
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Q: How to Eat Freshwater Mussels.
A: 1. Buy freshwater mussels from a source that harvests them legally and from unpolluted waters. When exposed to air, mussels close their shells; thus any air-exp... Read More »
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Q: What eats freshwater mussels?
A: fish that live on the bottom of a creek or stream eg: cat fish also can people from LSC please stop posting stuff on here ur not kool and the teachers have been... Read More »
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Q: What is a freshwater mussel called?
A: a freshwater mussel Read More »
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Q: Why Are Freshwater Mussels In Decline?
A: — North America’s diverse community of freshwater mussels has been on the decline for decades and is presently considered one of the continent’s most endangered... Read More »
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