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A still is an apparatus used to distill liquid mixtures by heating to selectively boil and then ... Since ethyl alcohol boils at a much lower temperature than water, simple distillation can easily s...

Making Moonshine - The Dummies' Guide – Copper Moonshine Still ...


Feb 11, 2014 ... Note, distillation does not produce alcohol; it only concentrates the alcohol that is already present. ... How Does Distillation Work? ... In a nutshell, wash is heated up in a still to a temperature above 172 degrees, but below 212 ...

How is Moonshine Made? - How Moonshine Works | HowStuffWorks


Think the days of backwoods stills and black market liquor are over? Think again: Police are still arresting moonshiners. Learn how ... How does that work?

Build a Whisky Still - Instructables


If you don't know about the early stages of whisky distillation, here is a quick round-up:Take some ... It doesn't work like that. ..... 5601(a)(11) – Purchase, receipt, and/or processing of distilled spirits when the person who does so knows or has ...

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Nov 10, 2015 ... Most moonshine stills have the same basic components, the burner, the ... and not school and other failed way to try make us drones for work.

How Booze is Made: The Basics of Column Distillation | Serious Eats


Jan 16, 2014 ... Bourbon benefits from being produced primarily in column stills, which allow distillers ... the liquid boils first (because alcohol boils at a lower temperature than water does) and turns to vapor. ... How Does a Column Still Work?

Distilling 101: How Whiskey Is Actually Made - Eater


Jan 4, 2016 ... Most whiskey made in pot stills is either double distilled or triple distilled. .... Column stills operate with the same goal as the pot still: to coax the ...

How Distilling Works - Popular Mechanics


Mar 1, 2012 ... As blended alcohol and water vapor rises from the pot, it enters a cool copper column. ... The clear liquid emerging from the still is called moonshine, white dog, ... A DIY Hammer Rack Is a Great Way to Work on Your Welding.

Pot Stills - Learn to Moonshine


Dec 21, 2012 ... Thus when you heat your mash the alcohol will begin to evaporate before the water does. Both a Pot still and Column still operate on this ...

How to Distill - Whiskey Still Co. || Copper Moonshine Stills & Pot Stills


Copper Moonshine Stills & Copper Pot Stills on Sale! ... Setup the still and condenser (without water), pour in the mixture, and heat until ... when the still is up to operating temperature this will go from cold, to warm, to hot very quickly. Once you ...

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How Does a Whiskey Still Work? | eHow


Stills do not make alcohol, but concentrate it instead. Because of this, the beginning of whiskey distillation begins not with the still, but with the fermentation that ...

Moonshine - Blue Ridge Style - Still Types and Techniques


Moonshining has often been a family operation with skills passed from one generation to another. The Ingram family proudly posed with their turnip still as liquor ...

Thumpers, Doublers & Slobber Boxes - Home Distillation of Alcohol ...


Some moonshine stills have a "thumper" or "doubler" between them and the ... See the Moonshine Photos for examples of them. ... How does this work ?