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Mussel is the common name used for members of several families of clams or bivalve molluscs, ... Freshwater mussel species inhabit lakes, ponds, rivers, creeks, canals, and ... It does this by repea...

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What do freshwater mussels taste like? How long can a freshwater mussel live? Where do freshwater mussels live? What do freshwater mussels eat? Why are ...

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Where in freshwater ecosystems do they live? 0 Burrow into the substrate (bottom of the stream, river, etc.) - Gravel. - Mud. - Sand. How long do they live?

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Cons: Freshwater Clams can die soon after being placed in a tank. ... Freshwater Clams do not live very long if the environment and habitat are not able to ...

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Mussels are long-lived animals meaning they can live for several decades ... However, they do have the ability to move around with the use of their muscular foot. ... Some freshwater mussels require one particular species of fish as a host for ...

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Freshwater mussels have an unusual and complex mode of reproduction, which includes a brief, obligatory stage as a ... Mussels need to “infect” a host fish with glochidia to complete the reproductive process. ... Otherwise they won't survive.

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What is a Freshwater Mussel? What Do Mussels Look Like? Habitat: Where Do Mussels Live? How Long Do Mussels Live? What Do Mussels Do For a Living?

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Feb 6, 2016 ... Their clams live for at times several months until the day they are ultimately found dead. ... Freshwater clams do not clean their environment as many people claim. .... As long as that is moving(filtering)the clams are alive.

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Mussels are bivalves, like clams and oysters, that live in both saltwater and ... The larvae of certain freshwater mussels spend a portion of their lives as a sort of ... the shell, while mussels appear dark blue or green, are long and teardrop-shap.

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freshwater mussels—what they look like, where they live ... cannot survive long outside of the female mussel ... If glochidia do not find a suitable fish host within a .