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To submit a MUSH for the MUSHlist, click here (you must be ...

The Almost-Complete List of MUSHes - clock.org


Jun 17, 1996 ... You might want to look at the Automated MUSH List, which automatically updates the statuses of MUSHes once every two hours, providing an ...

MUD lists


If you want to play an existing MUD/MUSH game then you need to find: A client program ... The MUD Connector - MUD list · SMAUG MUD list · Top MUD Sites ...

Tracker (skill) - Mushpedia


Jun 27, 2015 ... Furthermore, they can print any research results during the game via the Tabulatrix. This provides a list of players of which at least one is Mush.

Communications - Mushpedia


Sep 25, 2015 ... List, The anti-Mush research carried out by Finola was completed after the departure of the Daedalus. The findings were sent to the tabulatrix, ...

MUSHclient script functions list - Gammon.com.au


MUSHclient script functions list.

Eleesha Williams - Mushpedia


Tracker: Eleesha's unique skill, Tracker's many bonuses make it absolutely essential for investigative Mush Hunting and is the only way to print The List.



May 30, 2015 ... Discussion and support for the server can be obtained through the mailing list tinymush@googlegroups.com list. See the list's home page for a ...

In Nomine ORC List - Steve Jackson Games


The In Nomine ORC List ... Welcome to the ORC list! ... This premise is the core theme of GateMUSH, a MUSH-based roleplaying environment that accomodates  ...

WizHelp file - TinyMUSH


Syntax of help command: wizhelp [<command/topic>] To get a list of MUSH wizard topics: wizhelp topics To get a list of MUSH wizard commands: wizhelp ...

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Q: How do I get a list of all the characters/letters the mush accept...
A: Many mushes can work with non-ASCII accented letters and other special characters. The @nameaccent attribute, and the accent(), chr() and ord() functions can be... Read More »
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MUSH/MUX List - MUSHCode.com


Home; MUSH/MUX List ... 8bit.fansi.org 4201, Social, UP, TinyBit 1.6 (The One True MUSH Server), 17, 20, 49999, Stats ... Big Damn MUSH :: Be a Hero

The Mud Connector | Hundreds of Free Text-Games, Reviews and ...


Transformers: The Dark Eras MUSH [November 24, 2015] Nirvana [November ... STAR WARS: Age of Alliances Ep7 MUSH [November 21, 2015] d20MUD : Star ...

MUDStats.Com: statistics and information on MUD/MUCK/MUSH ...


Provides player count statistics and basic information for over a hundred MUDs.

The Almost-Complete List of MUSHes


The List. Click on the colored bullet (or [MUD Type] if you're using a non- graphical browser) to connect to ... Ace in the Hole MUSH, mux.mudservices.com , 4201 ...