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Climate of Nova Scotia


Nova Scotia lies in the mid-temperate zone and, although the province is almost surrounded by water, the climate is closer to continental rather than maritime.

Weather in Nova Scotia | Nova Scotia Temperature


Planning a trip to Nova Scotia? Find out about the weather and average temperatures here.

Nova Scotia Weather & Climate - Annapolis Valley Vacation


A Brief Description of Nova Scotia weather and climate especially for the Annapolis Valley area. This is provided for anyone interested in visiting this area.

Average Temperatures in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Temperature


Average temperatures for Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Maximum ... Climate & Temperature > Canada > Halifax, Nova Scotia Climate > Average Temperatures  ...

Three Shores, NS Climate & Weather | Three Shores Nova Scotia


If you could imagine a place where it rarely got uncomfortably hot or unpleasantly cold, you would probably be conjuring up our kind of climate. The proximity of ...

Impacts | Climate Change Nova Scotia


In Nova Scotia, climate change is expected to bring warmer average temperatures, higher sea levels, more extreme rainfalls and storm flooding, and more ...

Climate Data for Nova Scotia | Climate Change Nova Scotia


Information about our past and future climate are essential to prepare for ... This section is intended to show the story of climate change across Nova Scotia.

Eastern Shore, NS Climate & Weather | Three Shores Nova Scotia


Eastern Shore Climate and Weather. On the Eastern Shore we are graced with the moderating influences of the Gulf Stream cruising by our coast, so our ...

Northumberland Shore, NS Climate & Weather | Three Shores Nova ...


Northumberland Shore Climate and Weather. The Northumberland Shore is the sunshine belt of Nova Scotia. We're fortunate to have an above average number  ...

Fundy Shore, NS Climate & Weather | Three Shores Nova Scotia


Fundy Shore Climate and Weather. While spending time along the Fundy Shore, you'll quickly notice many aspects of our region that are influenced by sea and ...

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The Climate and Weather of Halifax, Nova Scotia - Living in Canada


This is a result of its location on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Winter temperatures are higher and summer temperatures are lower than those encountered in ...

Average Temperature in Nova Scotia | USA Today


Nova Scotia is a popular vacation destination for those who want to spend time among seaside vineyards, fishing boats and more than 200 museums. If you ...

Halifax, Nova Scotia Climate - ClimaTemps.com


➀ Halifax, Nova Scotia at 25 m/ 82 ft has a warm summer continental climate with no dry season (Dfb). ➁ Average temperature in Halifax, Nova Scotia is 7.6°C/ ...