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Eggs Benedict is a traditional American brunch or breakfast dish that consists of two halves of an English muffin each of which is topped with Canadian bacon ...

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Eggs Benedict" - 1860s -Credit is given to Delmonico's Restaurant, the very first ... Another origin of the dish is suggested in Elizabeth David's FRENCH ...

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Eggs Benedict make any meal an elegant special occasion. This egg dish ... Historians give credit to two versions of the origin of Eggs Benedict: 1860s – Credit ...

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Apr 8, 2007 ... Of eggs Benedict's origins, much has been said, but little has been settled. Key witnesses are long dead. One cookbook contradicts another.

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Apr 16, 2012 ... Did you know that historians attribute the invention of Eggs Benedict to two different events? It seems that, in a great coincidence, there are two ...

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Jul 29, 2013 ... Here's something we just learned ... In the Smithsonian Magazine's fascinating piece on the origin of popular hangover foods, the author writes ...

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Eggs Benedict definition, a dish consisting of toast or toasted halves of English muffin covered with a thin slice of fried or broiled ham, ... Origin of eggs Benedict

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Often, ordinary ham is substituted in eggs Benedict. Canadian bacon ... Technically, it is "Canadian-style" bacon if it is not of Canadian origin. Canadians do not ...

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There are at least two stories about the original eggs Benedict, though both date to 1890's New ... One story names Delmonico's as the point of origin, in 1893.

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Get this all-star, easy-to-follow Eggs Benedict recipe from Alton Brown.

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Dec 1, 2009 ... The true origins of that most popular breakfast, Eggs Benedict are in dispute. There are four versions. The first is about a retired Wall Street ...

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Oct 31, 2012 ... When you first heard the name “Eggs Benedict” you probably assumed that ... Well, there are three prominent stories regarding the origin of this ...

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He is most noted for his innovative creations, Eggs Benedict, Baked Alaska, and ... A fourth origin of the dish is in food historian, Elizabeth David's French ...