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Leukoma staminea, common name the Pacific littleneck clam, is a species of bivalve mollusc in the family Veneridae. This species of mollusc was exploited by  ...

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The Pacific littleneck clam has a chalky shell that ranges from round- to oval- shaped and is a maximum of 7 cm long. The shell is inflated and has a visible ...

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ccommonly known as litleneck clams or chiones are found on the. California coast, but only one is found statewide: the Pacific litleneck clam. This clam is often.

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General information about Littleneck Clam in Alaska such as description, life history, range, habitat and more.

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Market Name(s): Manila clam, Venus clam, mahogany clam, steamer, cockle, etc. Eastern hard shell clams sold under various names (Little Neck, topneck, ...

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Species Profiles: Life Hi stories and Environmental Requirements of Coastal Fishes and Invertebrates (Pacific Northwest). COMMON LITTLENECK CLAM.

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Nov 10, 2016 ... The most commonly encountered clams on King County's marine beaches are the manila clam, native littleneck, butter clam, cockle, horse clam ...

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The name Pacific Littleneck Clam and Native Littleneck Clam are equally used to refer to this much sought after clam with both radial ribs and concentric rings.

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Figure 3: Diagram of internal structure of Japanese littleneck clam (Source: .... Figure 4: Distribution of Venerupis philippinarum in U.S. and Pacific Northwest ...

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What kinds of clams are healthiest for you and the oceans? Use Environmental Defense ... Pacific littleneck (farmed), Mercury, 4+, 4+, 4+, 4+. Northern quahog ...

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Pacific Littleneck learn more about names for this taxon ... Suitable habitats for the Pacific littleneck clam include a gravelly or coarse sand substrate which ...

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Pacific Littleneck Clams have tender meats with a mildly sweet flavor and briny accent. Pacific Littleneck Clam (Protothaca staminea) Alternate Names. Common  ...

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Species profiles: 1 ife histories and environmental require- ments of coastal fishes and invertebrates (Pacific Southwest)--common littleneck clam. U.S. Fish Wildl ...