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Plum Freezer Jam Recipe Image / Photo by Chelsea Kyle, Food Styling by Katherine ... Neither long simmering nor heat-canned, this vibrant, lightly spiced jam ...


Freezer Jam. 190 ... 5 cups crushed plums, peaches, or nectarines (about 3 pounds fruit), any ... If you search for freezer jam, all the recipes use a lots of sugar.


Enhance cheese cake, tarts and sandwiches with plum freezer jam. This fresh fruit preserve recipe retains taste and flavor of juicy plums even after cooking.

Sep 27, 2012 ... How to make plum, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, peach, or any other type of freezer jam. If you have made jam in the past you know how ...


Recipe Directions: Rinse clean plastic containers and lids with boiling water. Dry thoroughly.Pit and finely chop unpeeled plums. Mix plums and 1/4 cup of the ...


Jun 17, 2012 ... My friend Ann gave me some plum jam she had made with red plums from a tree ... Ann found the recipe she used over at The Prepared Pantry.


Jul 5, 2014 ... My kids got so used to eating delicious homemade freezer jam, that it ... of freezer jam over the years; strawberry, raspberry, peach, plum, fig, ...


Sep 23, 2011 ... Homemade Plum (Freezer) Jam Recipe. Ok, so you will need 3 basic ingredients. (Tough, huh?) Fruit, Sugar, Instant Pectin for Freezer Jam.


Making wild plum jam; and a recipe for freezing jam.


Sep 6, 2012 ... The key to making successful freezer jam is the type and amount of ... cooking and works best sturdier fruit like peaches, pears and plums, ...