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Native plants for landscaping, wildflower gardens and restoration. Choosing plants that are well suited to the soil conditions at hand helps create an ecologically ...


Aug 23, 1996 ... Prairie Parcel Restoration. List of Native Prairie Plant Illustrations. Select the common name of the plant you want to view.


This grass is also called Turkey feet because the shape of the seed heads look like turkey feet. It is also called beard grass. The name big bluestem grass comes  ...


Prairie Grasses and Wildflowers. The following is a guide to the prairie plant species that can be found in the restored Uhler Prairie of the Linnaeus Arboretum .


This classic prairie grass is a big plant, getting over 6' tall in most situations. In a landscape it can be used as an accent. Big Bluestem has great fall color in the ...


Introduction. This bulletin describes three typical prairie communities: wet, mesic, and dry, and the plants found in these communities. Characteristics of each ...


Iowa is the only state completely within the tallgrass prairie formation. Thanks to rich soil, adequate rainfall, and warm summer temperatures, hundreds of ...


On the other hand, if it is written by the California Native Plant Society, it is most ... Native Prairie Forbs (160kb pdf); Champaign County Native Trees (87kb pdf) ...


"And spring did come! Overnight, it seemed, the prairie was dotted with pale lavender pasqueflowers. The sky was as the sky in Mothers painting.


Learn about the various types of prairie meadow plants and how to successfully grow them with this gardening guide from HGTV.