Cancer irroratus

Rock crab on tunicate colony.jpg ... Cancer irroratus (common name the Atlantic rock crab or peekytoe crab) is a crab in the ... "Peekytoe Crab Information".

Rock Crab

The rock crab varies in color from red-orange to yellowish-green. ... Habitat: Rocky marine environments, jetties and tide pools, under and around rocks.

ADW: Cancer irroratus: INFORMATION

The rock crab's size varies considerably between males and females. ... nine broad and smooth or rough jagged teeth, depending on its diet (Gosner,1978).

Cancer productus

Cancer productus Randall, 1839. Common name(s): Red rock crab, Red crab, Red cancer crab ... Habitat: Rocky and soft bottoms. Most common around rocks.
These are Maine rock or sand crabs which were pretty much a throwaway by-product of lobster fishing before a brilliant marketing move changed their name to "peekytoes" around 1997. There are a couple of theories on how it became known as "peekytoe crab." Other than be... More »
By Peggy Trowbridge Filippone, Guide

Dungeness Crab of California and Its Close Relatives

In southern California, where only an occasional Dungeness crab is caught, considerable quantities of several crabs collectively referred to as "rock crabs" are ...

Red Rock Crab

Habitat: rock, gravel or kelp beds in bays or estuaries, or rocky areas where rocky headlands or outcrops provide some wave protection; lack gill straining ...

Red Rock Crabs - Facts, Information & Pictures - Animal Corner

The Red Rock crab (Grapsus grapsus) also known as the Sally Lightfoot crab is one of the most common crabs along the north-east Pacific coastal waters.

Aquatic Species - Details for Red Rock Crab

Habitat. Red rock crabs are native to the Pacific Ocean. They range from Alaska to southern California. They live in rock, gravel or kelp beds in bays, estuaries ...

Brown Rock crab - USGS National Wetlands Research Center

fishes and invertebrates (Pacific Southwest)--brown rock crab, red rock crab, and yellow crab. U.S. Fish Wildl ..... habitat of the red rock crab extends from the low.

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A: 1. Find rock crab habitats. Venture out to the rocky shores of California on beaches where crabbing is allowed. Look for yellow rock crabs in southern Californi... Read More »
Q: How to Cook Red Rock Crab.
A: Although not as well known or as popular as Dungeness crabs, red rock crabs are every bit as tasty. While they have been recorded as large as 10 inches across t... Read More »
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A: The size of a crab is measured by the pot he falls in. Read More »
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A: rock crabs are type of crabs. Read More »
Q: What is a rock crab?
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