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It is not good to ignore pain under the rib cage, especially the left side. Some of this stabbing or sharp pain may be associated with a heart attack or angina ...

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Nov 20, 2013 ... Patients often complain of a sharp, stabbing, shooting or radiating pain under the left rib cage. Tenderness may prevail on the left region of the ...

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Sep 9, 2016 ... Abdominal cause for pain under left rib cage could be gas in colon, ... Sudden sharp or stabbing pain in the left rib cage area can also be due to ...

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Mar 11, 2015 ... I have had this stabbing pain in my upper left since 1989 ( my first pregnancy) ..... I had constant pain under both rib cages right and left that ... But 4 days ago I could barely get out of bed I had an extreme pain under left rib.

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Pain under left rib cage may be due to a variety of reasons.Gas stuck in the ... left rib cage? There is a possibility that you are and you would like it to end at the soonest possible time. ... If the pain is extremely sharp, this may be the main cause.

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Pain under left rib cage can indicate a series of problems. Here are possible causes ... The pain is sharp and sometimes mistaken as a chest pain. Some may  ...

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You will not be experiencing pain under your right rib cage for nothing. ... is one of the main problems that can cause pain under the right rib cage. .... bad pain under right rib cage on my right side and it feels like someone is stabbing me I don't ...

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Pain under right rib cage may be caused by serious conditions like ... A damaged liver is one of the most common causes of sharp pain under right rib cage. .... C.I had stabbing pains on and off for years on my right side under my ribs .

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Aug 21, 2013 ... I think that it is a fatty liver that causes this pain because I have a fatty ... Sharp in stabbing pain under the right rib cage and a pain that feels like ...

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A: General surgeon. You need a general surgeon, or a physician. A good one. Lots of people ... I am getting a stabbing pain behind the left rib and heartburn and ... Read More »
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A: Jul 3, 2013 ... In this condition, one experiences a stabbing/sharp pain under the rib ... is one of the important symptoms of pain on the left side of the rib... Read More »
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