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As of 2015 it is legal to buy without a permit in washington. ... If they don't you can still order it from out of state ...

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2015, 14 states ban the sale of Everclear including Maryland, California, ... Alcohol vendors can sell Everclear in the other 36 states. ... A: As of 2015, marijuana is legal to purchase strictly with a doctor's prescription in 19 U.S. states : California, ...

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Jan 18, 2016 ... It is illegal to sell or purchase ANY FORM of Everclear in New York, New Hampshire, ... Talk:Everclear (alcohol) I can buy Golden Grain or Everclear 190 proof in TN and just finished a bottle of Clear Spring Grain Alcohol ...

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Oct 30, 2007 ... In the before mentioned states, you can't buy anything over 151 proof (75.5% alcohol.), so thats the strength that Everclear comes in.

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Selection of Alcohol - Ethanol or Ethyl Alcohol is the form of Alcohol, that can be used ... Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New ... NOTES: If you know for SURE that a particular State sells EVERCLEAR ( 190 ...

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Aug 10, 2015 ... There are also some states, like Pennsylvania, where you can only buy Everclear if you can prove beforehand that you're not going to drink it, ...

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Jun 12, 2015 ... The law actually will vary by state and the specific law will control what is legal and what is not. I have not looked at Everclear laws, but I can ...

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Nov 26, 2013 ... There are currently 14 states that ban the sale of everclear and Wisconsin ... not understand the level of intoxication you get to very quickly would be from ... “A 120-pound woman with one shot of 160 proof can put her over the ...

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Aug 2, 2009 ... I want to buy a 1.75 liter bottle of 190 proof Everclear so I can have enough to make ... 151 proof is as high as you can go in the Golden State.

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Q: If I live in California, would it be illegal for me to buy a 190 ...
A: A2A Please note that the following statements of law are of general applicability and are ... If I live in California, would it be illegal for me to buy a 190 ... Read More »
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A: Sep 6, 2015 ... The proof (alcohol percent) is too high for those states. 'It's just wrong': Officials ... Is it legal to purchase Everclear in a s... Read More »
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A: Oct 5, 2008 ... Otherwise, you can find 151 proof alcohols, including some more .... are on a list can purchase the 151 proof (75.5% alcohol) in your state. Read More »
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A: Aug 15, 2007 ... In the United States, Everclear is a brand of grain alcohol (ethanol), available at ... Where I live you can buy Everclear in any liquor store... Read More »
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A: Everclear is a relatively inexpensive high proof neutral grain spirit. Golden Grain is a similar ... Alcoholic beverages below 150 proof (50% alcohol) will not... Read More »
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