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throwing stick
a short, straight or curved stick, flat or cylindrical in form, often having a hand grip, and used generally in preliterate societies as a hunting weapon to throw at birds and small game.
Australian. a boomerang.
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The throwing stick or throwing club is one of the first weapons used by early humans and cultures all around the world. In essence, it is a short stave or wooden ...

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May 22, 2012 ... One of the earliest weapons used by humans, the throwing stick, commonly known as the rabbit stick (or throwing club, kylie, or boomerang), ...

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Does anybody ever hunt with throwing sticks anymore? Not boomeranges or spears. Good old throwing sticks like the one in this picture ...

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Rabbit sticks, or throwing sticks in a general way, are one of the first and still one of the finest balistic hunting weapons ever. They are very easy to make, cheap, ...

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Feb 14, 2013 ... One of the most effective hunting weapon is the throwing stick, also known as the rabbit stick. The stone and the throwing stick are the simplest ...

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Throwing Sticks are used to kill small game, such as rabbits and birds. Therefore, they are also commonly called "Rabbit Sticks", or "Bird Sticks." To use them ...

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Throwing Sticks - long stick that aids in shaping and compressing deep and narrow necked wheel thrown pieces of pottery.