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Total Time: 12 hours 15 minutes   Yield: 4 ounces
Level: Easy   
Directions: Place the meat in the freezer for 1 hour, so that it will be easier to cut.Slice the meat with the grain as thin as humanly possible.Mix brine ingredients right in a resealable plastic bag (placing the bag inside a large plastic container will make this More»
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Learn how to make homemade turkey jerky using just your oven!


A combination of condiments and spice revives ho-hum turkey breast.


This recipe comes from Carol Costenbaders cookbook, Preserving The Harvest. The turkey is pre-cooked before going through the jerky-drying process, ...


Aug 15, 2017 ... The mild flavor of turkey makes a perfect starting point in this jerky recipe. Turkey is also lower in fat than beef, making it a healthier option.


Jun 19, 2017 ... This Cranberry Turkey Jerky will have you craving your Mom's homemade Thanksgiving Dinner! The reason this recipe came about was due to ...


Mar 19, 2013 ... Turkey Jerky I'm pleased to have our friend David Maren of Tendergrass Farms pen today's guest post. He's written this great how-to for making ...


Apr 7, 2014 ... What's more, it's just as easy to make as a beef product. ... Hub 51 Turkey Jerky Yield: 8 servings Ingredients For jerky marinade: 1 1/2 cups ...


This homemade jerky recipe made from ground turkey is inexpensive, super easy , and a fun do-it-yourself project your kids can help with.


Our smoked jerky recipe has simple ingredients & marinates fairly quickly. ... Pour the marinade mixture over the turkey, and massage the bag so that all the ...