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Sep 13, 2009 ... arugula would be my first choice, followed by escarole or endive...or radicchio if you don't mind the color difference. of course this is assuming ...

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The watercress plant grows naturally along some streams but is grown hydroponically ... Substitute for Watercress ... 1 bunch fresh watercress = 2 cups chopped.

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I have several recipes calling for watercress as an ingredient, yet I can't seem to find it anywhere! Is it out of season? Is there a good substitution?...

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Some good substitutes for watercress include nasturtium, land cress (Barbarea verna) and cress (Lepidium ... What substitute can I use instead of horseradish?

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Equivalents: 1 cup = 1 ounce Substitutes: watercress OR tender spinach leaves plus dash of ground pepper OR Belgian endive OR escarole OR young ...

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I've recently seen a green called upland cress for sale at my supermarket. Is it the same as watercress?

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Aug 18, 2015 ... It depends on what you want to have for. Because watercress has a peppery bite to it, I offer any assertive green with tender leaves-- arugula, ...

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Options: any variety, pear, grapes (any type), cherries, blackberries, blueberries. Arugula (Rocket). Options: spinach, kale, watercress. Avocado. Options: roasted  ...

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Jan 9, 2016 ... If you do not like watercress or you have some difficulty in obtaining this leafy green, you can easily substitute any of the other green bitters ...

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Jun 7, 2013 ... Can't find watercress anywhere? Substitute arugula. Can't find arugula? Pour yourself a double gin and tonic, and forget all about this soup.