Boiled Lobsters
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Total Time: 25 minutes   Yield: 4 servings
Level: Easy   Cuisine: Northeastern American
Directions: Fill a large stockpot about half full of water. Add the salt and bring to a boil. When the water has come to a rolling boil, plunge the lobsters headfirst into the pot. Clamp the lid back on tightly and return the water to a boil over high heat. Reduce More »

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Prepare your lobster tails for cooking. If the tails are frozen, you'll need to thaw them out before you cook them. (You could cook them frozen in a pinch, but they  ...

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different methods for cooking lobster, boiled lobster, steamed lobster, grilled ... Boiling is one of the simplest ways to cook a lobster, and is probably best for the ...

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Aug 13, 2010 ... Now, there are many ways to cook lobster, and probably just as many ways to eat it. Boiling is the most straightforward way to cook lobster, ...
I think it is one of the better ways to cook a lobster instead of boiling them you are better off steaming them. I'll throw in my lemon and what we'll do is we'll get this started. Now the lobsters will obviously cool down the pot so I want it on medium/high. More »

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Inexplicably, the standard method for cooking lobster tails is to steam them, ... There are a couple of acceptable ways to do this; a good rule of thumb is that the  ...

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Aug 1, 2014 ... Boiling and steaming tend to be the go-to lobster cooking methods for home cooks, but chefs like Phet Schwader cook it slowly in butter for ... to Cook Lobster&v=fWCi9Xme0bU
Dec 31, 2012 ... Lobster dinner is one of the most satisfying gastronomic experiences you can have. It does come at a steep price, ...

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A step-by-step guide to preparing perfectly tender, flavorful butter-poached lobster the Thomas Keller & French Laundry way.

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Cook lobster tails at home with these step-by-step directions with pictures. We'll show you the most popular ways of cooking lobster tails. Cook lobster tails just ...

Popular Q&A
Q: The Best Ways to Cook Lobster.
A: Boiled Lobster. Place the pot on the stove with enough water to cover the lobster. Bring the water to a fierce boil. Add 1 tbsp. of salt. Place the lobster into... Read More »
Q: Simple Ways to Cook Lobster.
A: A large stock pot, tongs and water are the only ingredients needed to boil lobster. Fill a large stock pot with 10 to 12 quarts of water and bring to a rolling ... Read More »
Q: What is the best way to cook lobster?
A: stem is best. keeps flavor in. 1 1/4lbs 14mins 2lbs 20mins Read More »
Q: What is the best way to cook lobster?
A: The best way to cook lobster is to boil them in a large pot. ChaCha! Read More »
Q: Best way to cook lobster?
A: Roast or bake in an oven. Here are step-by-step directions.…. The last steps are the ones to concern you, more or less. Read More »