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Sheet cakes have many uses at a wedding. Reasons brides use include saving money, opting for a more unique look and because they plan on having a dessert bar. No matter how you want to use a sheet cake, decorating the cake will help tie it in with the... More »
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Is it tacky to have sheet cakes instead of a traditional, tiered wedding cake?

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Feb 23, 2013 ... There are so called experts out there who say that since a cake decorator will charge less for a sheet cake, just order a sheet cake and a fake ...
One of the most common problems with making a sheet cake for your event trying to decide exactly how many people a certain size sheet cake can serve and how many layers are required. One problem which can occur for home bakers is that standard large baking sheets do no... More »
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Includes: what is sheet cake?, benefits of wedding sheet cake, sheet cake designs, fake wedding cakes, serving sheet cake, and other ways to save on wedding ...

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So, I set out to find the world's most average sheet cake. This being Oakland, I tracked one down at the Lucky's in my neighborhood, where the people behind ...

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So on the budget threads, I see a lot of suggestions to have a smaller cake and then supplement it with sheet cakes of the same flavor in the back. I'

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Shelly's Cakes photo gallery of decorated sheet cakes. Birthday cakes, special occasion cakes, etc. ... Shelly has a full gallery of Wedding Cakes, too. Comments ...

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Another option is to cut a single-tier wedding cake and have your servers bring out slices of sheet cake to feed your friends and family — you still get those ...

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Q: Decorating Ideas for Wedding Sheet Cakes.
A: Traditional, tiered wedding cakes are typically very expensive, and when they are covered in a thick layer of fondant, a fair number of people won't even like t... Read More »
Q: Wedding cake vs. Sheet cake?
A: Nope - I've never heard of serving the sheet cake first. Usually they will use it as a backup if they run out of the originally wedding cake. I don't know why t... Read More »
Q: Why save the wedding cake and serve the sheet cake?
A: People don't save the whole wedding cake. They save the top tier to be eaten on the couples one year anniversary. Sometime you can't afford a cake and people wi... Read More »
Q: Wedding Sheet Cake Ideas That Look Lovely and Are Inexpensive.
A: Now that you are into making all the things happen that must before you can have your perfect wedding day. Think about a lovely wedding sheet cake to help you k... Read More »
Q: How to Stack a Sheet Cake.
A: Things You'll Need. Two 18-inch by 12-inch, 2-inch thick sheet cakes. Serving platter or cardboard cake board. Serrated knife. Chopsticks or straws. Scissors. F... Read More »