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What Is a Muskmelon?
Muskmelon may be more familiar to you by their common varietal names. Late summer and early fall are the time when they are most abundant (and some say most flavorful) in markets, but there are versions available all year long.... More »
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Cantaloupe refers to a variety of the Cucumis melo species in the Cucurbitaceae family. ... Cantaloupe (also cantelope, cantaloup, muskmelon (India and the United States), mushmelon, rockmelon, sweet melon, or spanspek (South Africa))  ...


(n) - From midwestern United States. A Cantaloupe.


Muskmelon (Cucumis melo) is a species of melon that has been developed into many cultivated varieties. These include smooth-skinned varieties such as ...


Mush-melon definition, muskmelon. See more. ... Examples from the Web for mushmelon ... Musk-melon, not mush-melon ; but anything before mush-million.


musk melon. noun: muskmelon. an edible melon of a type that has a raised network of markings on the skin. Its many varieties include those with orange, yellow, ...


Jul 29, 2007 ... But is it cantaloupe or muskmelon? There is technically a difference, but often the names are used interchangeably. The term cantaloupe refers ...


Jun 30, 2011 ... This is a Tuscan-style Cantaloupe, set apart from other cantaloupes by its deep groves. The yellow one on the LEFT is ready to eat, the ...


What is commonly referred to as a cantaloupe is actually a species of muskmelon ; cantaloupe is just a different name for the Cucumis melo reticulatus ...