The harp is a stringed musical instrument which has a number of individual strings running at an angle to its soundboard, which are plucked with the fingers.

How many strings does a harp instrument have - Answers


any number of strings within a fairly large range, from small Celtic lap harps or Medieval harps with hardly over a dozen strings, to large chromatic triple harps ...

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Dec 8, 2006 ... My harp has 30 strings but you can get smaller harps and much larger ones ... about the minimum number of strings you can have is around 22.

What Type of Harp Should I Get? (for beginners and first-time buyers)


A little 19-string Gothic harp is just as "real" and valid an instrument as a big ... A number of different factors should come into play when you're making the BIG ...

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It can be bewildering because harps come in more sizes and varieties than any other ... The third was a Dusty Strings lever harp, which I bought after working in ...

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Yes, the Celtic or folk harp is a direct descendant of the first harps. ... On a fully- levered harp, each string has a lever that must be set individually, and each string ...

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Nov 16, 2011 ... As the range of strings vary from harp to harp, it is not possible to identify strings universally by number. Some manufacturers do use a ...

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The model and serial number of your instrument can be found on a label ... Even if you don't plan on restringing your harp, ordering a full string set can be a ...

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Celtic Harp: Small instrument of 24 to 34 strings around 1m tall, with curved ... instruments used in folk music, so it will allow you to play a vast number of tunes.

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There are a number of easily-fixable things that could cause your harp to buzz. Sometimes the string is actually hitting something when plucked, and sometimes  ...

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Q: What is the maximum number of strings that can be on a harp?
A: Electric-solid body and electric-acoustic harps, can be Read More »
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Q: Is 47 the most number of strings that can be on a harp?
A: Harps can have as few as 9 to 19 strings or as many as 47. Read More »
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Q: How to Change a Harp String
A: Take out the broken string and all of its pieces. Make sure you remove and save the bridge pin. Slide the end of the new harp string into the bridge hole corres... Read More »
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Q: How to Identify the Strings on a Harp.
A: 1. Identify what type of harp you are playing. Pedal harps are the main type of harps. They are also called Concert harps and can vary in their size and the amo... Read More »
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Q: How many strings are there on a harp?
A: Different types of harps have different numbers of strings. A standard concert pedal harp has 46 or 47 strings, whereas a lever harp has fewer strings. Read More »
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