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1 Common ratio; 2 Sum. 2.1 Example; 2.2 Formula; 2.3 Proof of convergence; 2.4 Generalized formula. 3 Applications. 3.1 Repeating decimals; 3.2 Archimedes' ...

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For a geometric sequence or geometric series, the common ratio is the ratio of a term to the previous term. This ratio is usually indicated by the variable r.

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The common ratio is the ratio between two numbers in a geometric sequence. Keep reading for a detailed definition, the formula for determining the...

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The fixed amount multiplied is called the common ratio, r, referring to the fact that the ratio (fraction) of the second term to the first term yields this common ...
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The constant factor between consecutive terms of a geometric sequence is called the common ratio.

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The number multiplied (or divided) at each stage of a geometric sequence is called the "common ratio" r, because if you divide (find the ratio of) successive terms ...

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We explain Finding the Common Ratio with video tutorials and quizzes, using our Many Ways(TM) approach from multiple teachers.This lesson describes how ...

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Q: How to Find the Common Ratio.
A: 1. Write the numbers of your geometric series on a piece of paper. For example, suppose your series is "1, 3, 9, 27.". 2. Divide the last number of the series b... Read More »
Q: What is a common ratio?
A: If you have a set of 3 or more numbers , such as 5 & 15 & 45 you will notice that 15 is 3 times the quantity as the number preceding it. You also notice that 45... Read More »
Q: What is the most common ratio?
A: The golden ratio (the most common in nature) is an irrational mathematical constant, Read More »
Q: What is a common ratio?
A: Common ratio: For a geometric sequence or geometric series, the common ratio is the ratio of Read More »
Q: How to Find the Common Ratio of a Fraction.
A: Instructions. Write down any two sequential terms of the geometric series, preferably the first two. For example, if your series is 3/2 + -3/4 + 3/8 + -3/16 + .... Read More »