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Acer rubrum is one of the most common and widespread deciduous trees of eastern and central North America. The U.S. Forest service recognizes it as the most ...

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Acer rubrum, commonly called red maple, is a medium-sized, deciduous tree that is native to Eastern North America from Quebec to Minnesota south to Florida ...

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The red maple tree (Acer rubrum) earned its name because of its brilliant, fiery red autumn foliage and other red-colored plant ... You'll need about 40 gallons of red maple sap to produce just 1 gallon of maple syrup. ... Boxelder Tree Facts ...

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The tree Guide at arborday.org offers information on size, height, growth rate, sun and soil preference, and more on Red Maple and many other commonly ...

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Red maple derives its name from its brilliant autumnal foliage. ... It is an extremely rapid-growing tree, furnishing a fairly strong, close-grained wood, and is used ...

Norway Maple (Acer platanoides)


Acer platanoides L. Maple family (Aceraceae). Origin: Europe and Western Asia. Background Norway maple was introduced for use as an ornamental ...

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Acer platanoides (Norway maple) is a species of maple native to eastern and central Europe and western Asia, from France east to Russia, north to southern ...

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Noteworthy Characteristics. Acer platanoides, commonly called Norway maple, is native to Europe. It has been widely planted in urban areas throughout much ...

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Q: Pros & Cons of Red Maple Trees - eHow
A: Pros & Cons of Red Maple Trees. Red maples, or Acer rubrum, can reach as high as 120 feet tall in the wild but usually grow 40 to 60 feet tall and 25 to 35... Read More »
Source: www.ehow.com
Q: How to Grow Red Maples From Seed | eHow
A: How to Grow Red Maples From Seed. The red maple (Acer rubrum) offers low maintenance and a fast growth rate. Widely grown as an ornamental, the tree ... Read More »
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Q: How Much Does a Red Maple Tree Cost? | eHow
A: Red maple (Acer rubrum), also known as Carolina red maples and scarlet maples, are deciduous trees that can grow to 40 to 60 feet tall. They can be found at ... Read More »
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Q: Different Kinds of Red Maple Trees | eHow
A: Acer rubrum L. is the species name for all three varieties of red maple. The three varieties are Acer rubrum L. var. rubrum, Acer rubrum L. var. trilobum Torr. Read More »
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Q: The Difference Between an Autumn Blaze Maple & a Red Maple .....
A: The red maple (Acer rubrum) is native to most of the eastern United States and extreme southeastern Canada. The red maple naturally hybridizes with the native ... Read More »
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