How many quarts of oil for an oil change, 4 or 5? | Yahoo Answers

Oct 31, 2009 ... Motor oil doesn't go bad. so buy 5 and just put it in until you dipstick says it is full .... Do i need a full 5 quarts of oil in my car in every oil change?

How many quarts of oil does my car need? | Yahoo Answers

Dec 24, 2009 ... I am changing my oil and I have always put in about 4 quarts but I would like to know what is the real amount it needs. Car: 2000 Mazda 626 LX ...

How to Find Engine Oil Capacities - HowStuffWorks - Auto

It's not too hard to find your engine's oil capacity. ... they are, you'll never again have to worry about how many quarts of oil to purchase for that next big oil change. ... by which you can quickly and efficiently learn how much oil your car needs.

When You Need to Add a Quart of Motor Oil - Auto Repair -

Sometimes you need to top off your engine's motor oil. It's easy, and doesn't even have to be messy. Engine oil is vital to your car. Follow our tips and you won't ...

Will Putting An Extra Quart of Oil In My Car Ruin It? - Motor Vehicle ...

Feb 26, 2012 ... I put too much motor oil in my car's motor. About a quart - have I ruined my car? I' ve been driving it. I know I need to get the oil drained. But I'm ...

How much oil does my car take? |

It has an oil capacity of 3.7 liters for an oil and filter change, meaning the car needs approximately 3.9 quarts of oil. For a regular oil change, the car's engine has ...

NAPA AUTO PARTS - Oil Change Guide - NAPA Online

Things you'll need from your garage or your local NAPA AUTO PARTS Store: ... will use 4 to 5 quarts of oil, but check your manual for your vehicle's oil capacity.

how many quarts of oil does my engine hold? - CarGurus

Nov 8, 2012 ... i changed my oil & thought it called for 4 3/4 quarts of oil. But, when i took it to a oil ... for my car. Which is the correct amount of oil required in my car? ... How many bottles of Oil dose a ToyotaCary need to be saf 1 answer.

How Many Quarts of Oil Are Needed in a Riding Mower? | Home ...

The amount of oil you need to use depends on engine size. ... How to Change the Oil on a Ariens 6.5 Hp Lawn Mower · Can I Put Car Oil in My Craftsman ...

When do I add oil to the car? - cars oilchange | Ask MetaFilter

That's how much oil is in my car. ... If it's low, add oil 1/2 quart at a time until it's full . ... However, if you're that low on oil, you need more oil.

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Q: How many quarts of oil does a car need?
A: Obviously it depends on what car you drive. Most cars hold 4 quarts. Read More »
Q: How do you say i need a quart of oil for my car in spanish Kelly ...
A: In Spanish, that sentence would translate to "Nece... Read More »
Q: How many quarts of oil does your 89 Lincoln town car need?
A: My 89 Lincoln Town Car has a 5.0 liter engine and takes 5 liters of oil. Read More »
Q: What is the oil capacity for my car in quarts?
A: oil comes in different weights from standard mineral oil to semi synthetics to full synthetic, it will all work and not harm your engine. standard oil most peop... Read More »
Q: How many quarts of oil does the car need if it's empty?
A: Buy 5 qts, add 4 qts and check the stick, start the engine, let it run a few minutes and recheck with engine off. Add to full line. Read More »