The Best Way to Insulate the Basement
Keeping a basement properly insulated is a key factor in saving money. This will allow more heat to be retained during the cold months and more cold air to be held inside during the summer months. The more air kept inside the basement, the less work your... More »
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How to Insulate a Basement | Video | This Old House,,20503345,00.html

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows how to warm up a chilly concrete wall.

Best Methods For Insulating Basement Walls

Aug 21, 2009 ... Spray foam is probably the best possible insulation material for basements and damp areas. Closed cell spray foam is perfect for locking “out” ...

Avoiding Basement Insulation Mistakes | Be the Pro

Basement insulation is one area where homeowners can avoid costly repairs ... I imagine this would result in – at best – cold spots on the wall, and at worst ... Insulation for Basement&v=t2S-RqpE73E
Jan 8, 2013 ... Visit: to learn in detail how to finish your basement! See what materials are used to Insulate your finished ...

Best Basement Insulation Materials | Rigid Foam Board for ...

Dr. Energy Saver's basement insulation strategy is to insulate basement with rigid foam board.

Avoid Basement Insulation Mistakes - Learn How To Insulate A ...

Jun 25, 2014 ... If you want to be your own handyman, learn how to insulate your slabs with our best tips for DIY basement wall insulation.

Where to Insulate in a Home | Department of Energy

May 27, 2015 ... A properly insulated basement can save you money on heating and ... dries out following construction) is the best option in homes using proper ...

Insulating Your Basement Walls -

Insulating basement walls can potentially decrease your home heating and cooling costs, ... Use the guide below to select the best insulation for your project.

Basement Insulation Options and Solutions | Home Remodeling ...

Insulation options include bubble foil, fiberglass, foam board and sprayed foam. The best option for a homeowner will depend on the nature of the basement ...

Popular Q&A
Q: What is the Best Insulation Technique for Basements?
A: Thoroughly inspect the basement area for any signs of moisture collection. Moisture can come in the form of sweating of leaking pipes. Leaking water and drain p... Read More »
Q: What is the best insulation for a basement especially for soundpr...
A: I would say the best is Icynene spray foam insulation especially for soundproofing quality. Read More »
Q: How do I best insulate basement walls?
A: First of all-if you have any history of basement walls getting damp- Do not apply fur strips to basement walls. Build a framed wall out away from the basement w... Read More »
Q: The Best Method of Insulating a Basement.
A: 1. Install closed-cell spray foam to seal out water vapors that can escape from your basement walls and enter the open areas of your basement. Install along the... Read More »
Q: What is the best way to insulate a basement?
A: These are good questions, because there is a procedure and order to the madness. Any plumbing, electrical, and mechanical work needs to be done or thought thru... Read More »