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Board representation (chess)


In computer chess, software developers must choose a data structure to represent chess positions on the chessboard. Several data structures exist, collectively ...

Board editor • lichess.org


Load opening positions or create your own chess position on a chess board editor.

Chess Diagram Setup - Jin


Use the board on the left to set up the diagram image on the right. Either drag and drop pieces or click to select then click again to put a piece. To see the result,  ...

Chess Practice | The Chess Website


Practicing chess often is one of the best things you can do to improve your chess game. On our practice boards you can try out many of the strategies and tactics ...

Simple chess board on the App Store - iTunes - Apple


Nov 10, 2015 ... A simple chess board and a chess clock without movement restrictions. Free movement as a real board. Current features are: • Move pieces ...

rules - Is it permitted to stare at a blank chessboard during a ...


Sep 28, 2012 ... This rule does not define the word analyse, and hence, the verdict would depend on whether "staring at blank chessboard" constitutes analysis.

BlankCHESS - Chess Game Variant - Invented by Baby Natura


As the name states “blank chess”, the game starts without pieces on chess board. And the board divides horizontally into two equal fields (Kingdoms); virtually ...

Kid Chess - How to Set up the Board and Pieces


Before you start to play a game of chess, you obviously have to setup the board and pieces, and they have to be setup the same way every time. Here is the ...

Setting up a position for analysis - Internet Chess Club


You can drag these pieces directly on the game board to setup your position. You can ... Clear Board Start setting up your position from a blank chess board.

Interactive Chess Board on Scratch


Sep 1, 2014 ... Key to Board code: 0-Blank square. 1-9-Add a number onto the square. z- Highlight square in red. c-Highlight square in green. x-Put an X on the ...

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Analysis Board, PGN Editor, Chess Diagram Tool - Chess.com


Analysis Board; Position Setup; Game Editor. Flip Board Show coordinates. Enforce Legal Moves. Flip Board Show coordinates ...

Chess Board Editor - Apronus.com


Chess Board Editor; Play Chess Against Computer from any set up position.

The JavaScript Chessboard - russellcottrell.com


Did you ever wish you had a chessboard on your computer with pieces that you ... with numbers indicating blank spaces; which color to move; castling ability; ...