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Colour look-up table


A colour look-up table (CLUT) is a mechanism used to transform a range of input colours into another range of colours. It can be a hardware device built into an ...

RGB Color Codes Chart - RapidTables.com


RGB color codes chart, RGB color picker, RGB color table.

Color Table (Internet Explorer) - MSDN - Microsoft


Colors can be specified in HTML pages by using numbers to denote an RGB color value, or by using a color name. In Windows Internet Explorer 9, you can ...

Html Color Codes


With HTML color codes you can set the color of web site background, color of text , cells in tables and much more. Using HTML color codes for web site ...

So, You Want Color in a Table, Huh? - HTML Goodies


I should point out that this tutorial will not get into the creation of the table itself, only changing the background and text color. To read up on how to make a table,  ...

Color table - PureBasic


Below you find a colortable with 216 different colors in different variations. It should give you an overview of possible colors and facilitate you when choosing the ...

Loading Default Color Tables (Using IDL) | Exelis VIS Docs Center


To define a color table in graphics functions such as IMAGE and MAP, use the RGB_TABLE property. If no color table is defined, these graphics display in gray  ...

Color Tables - WaveMetrics


New Igor 6 color tables. Igor 5-compatible 256-color tables. Igor 5-compatible Gradient color tables. Igor 5-compatible Special-purpose color tables.

<table bordercolor=""> - HTML.com


Attributes for BORDERCOLOR = color expression BORDERCOLORDARK = color expression BORDERCOLORLIGHT = color expression in HTML.

Quick Color Table (BGCOLOR version) - The Web KANZAKI


May 5, 1998 ... The Quick Color Table. Color in HTML can be specified with sRGB hexadecimal value codes as follows. In HTML 4.0, it is recommended to ...

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HTML Color Names - W3Schools


All modern browsers support the following 140 color names (click on a color name, or a hex value, to view the color as the background-color along with different ...

NCL Graphics: Color Table Gallery


NCL graphics color tables. ... Color Table Gallery. about color tables | how to create your own color table | named colors. Rainbow, |, Small rainbow, |, Earth/ ...

Table of Color


This Color table shows a set of color definitions partitioned after shades of the following colors with rgb values and hex codes. black; blue; brown; gray; green ...